Sunday, 25 September 2016

Mt Hood, Oregon

Wednesday 8 June

Early morning of this day, saw us collect a hire car from the airport and drive to Cascade Locks in the Columbia River Gorge, our base for the next 2 nights.The morning had commensed very cold and cloudy with occasional drizzle. About lunch time the skies began to clear, so the decision was made to find Mt Hood.

Below are my first views, excitedly snapped through the car's windscreen, as we drove through the pear orchards and vineyards of the Hood River area.

My happiness levels grew at each sighting.

Just awesome to see!

I believe this is Green Apple Creek, fed by the snow melt of Mt Hood.

Soon after joining Highway 26 from 35, I spotted a road sign to Trillium Lake. I recognised this name from Linda's blog and soon had Frank finding a safe place to turn round, so we could visit. It did not disappoint. The 2 kilometre trail around its shoreline was a joy to hike with rhododendrons, happy campers, boardwalks, wetland wildflowers, cedar and spruce woods and unbeatable views of Mt Hood.

We could hear a persistent banging noise and wondered what work was being done. Then Frank looked up and found a woodpecker busy at work. More excitement for this Aussie who had only read about them. Unfortunately, my camera battery had died and the I-phone image is not great. We couldn't get closer.

It was a twisting, nearly 10 kilometre steep climb, to the majestic Timberline Lodge, built in 1937. The interior was as impressive as its vast views. I took a photo of a photo in the lobby, of one of its winter faces. Below is my photograph of the same entrance.

It was a tad windy and the snow icey, so unfortunately our exploring of the area around The Lodge was limited. 
This one was taken behind the building, looking towards Mt Jefferson in the far distance. 

And in the opposite direction, to Hood's windy summit.

Magnificent firs dwarfing Highway 26, as we made the return journey to Cascade Locks via Troutdale.

On our return, we had a lovely meal in the Bridgeside Restaurant, with  a wonderful view of the Bridge of the Gods. 

A perfect finale, to a wonderful day.

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  1. Oh wow another amazing place you have shared. I can see why you were so happy, I would be ecstatic too! Loved your cute little snowman :)
    Have a wonderful new week Helen.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Little snowman looks rocking.

  3. We want to visit that part of the country some day. It's hard for us to get away until the winter and that's not the best time to visit. Welcome to the U.S. of A., Helen!

  4. I love reading recaps of your visit to my neck of the world. Glad you enjoyed your trip up to the 'hood.

  5. The Cascade ranges are very high on wish list. I love the look of those isolated snow-capped volcanic peaks