Monday, 12 September 2016

Exploring in and around Banff

May / June

These photos were taken over several days, mostly in walking distance of our accommodation in Banff.

Early morning beside the Bow River, with Sulphur Mountain in the background.

The Bow River with Cascade Mountain in the background.

A little further along.

Relaxing at Bow Falls.

Rafters negotiating the Bow River, below the falls.

A popular area for canoeing on the Bow River.

BBQ evening meal at The Cascades, with Cascade Mountain towering behind us.

Canadian geese on the pond.

Kim and Stuart's dog Gunner, loved catching this golf ball, that sadly went down a squirrel hole.

Start of the Spey River walk.

.............  through the golfcourse.

.........  around the boulders.

Up the mountain ........... oops this isn't a river walk!
Thankfully, a gentleman gave us assistance.

Views back to the Banff Fairmont Springs Hotel. 

The hike was no longer a river walk, but still very enjoyable with Rundle Mtn, towering over us.

Tunnel Mountain climb - views back to Banff and the Fenlands.

Wild Rose - floral emblem of Alberta.

Walk around Johnson Lake.

Mt Rundle in the background.

Two Jack Lake

Gunner taking in the first views of Lake Minnewanka.

Cascade River, Stewart Canyon, nearing Lake Minnewanka.

Mt Rundle, Bow River and The Voodoos.

Fenlands Trail

Finally, one of my walks, took me to the home of my first blogging friend, the incredible, amazing sensational, Leslie Gerein. I have been following her since November 2009. I discovered her blog when googling Banff walks, when I visited my son at that time. It is through her, that I found the world of blogging and so many new friends across the world. Unfortunately she no longer has time for her blog. She is too busy out in the mountains eating up the kilometres.

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  1. Fantastic scenery, as always, and some incredibly cute critters too. Is Gunner participating in the BBQ meal with a permission or without? (I have a wide smile on my face when seeing that cute photo.)
    Sulphur Mountain sounds interesting and in general the area looks very interesting geologically.
    Thank you for sharing! xx

    1. We had finished eating, so he was allowed up. He is a gorgeous dog and puts a smile on one's face all the time.

  2. Your walks are so different from the walks I can take around here. Thanks for sharing the beautiful vistas and the creatures and wildflowers you see along the way.

    1. These walks are so different to what we have here too. I love Australia, but my heart soars with the beauty of the Banff / Rockies area.

  3. Banff is such a gorgeous place! I've been enjoying your trip recaps. So great you met up with Leslie too.

    1. It was fantastic to meet up with Leslie and in a couple of weeks time she is dropping in here. So good.

  4. Another beautifully shared trip! Thanks.

  5. PS---- I confess! The flowers are in a hanging planter right next to the old jail. But they sure look like they're planted on top.

    1. Thanks for telling me, but still a clever shot.

  6. I've got to get there someday! I used to read Leslie''s blog also. Wish she would write again...hint hint....

  7. Mary I found your blog through Leslie and so get to experience and enjoy your mountains.

  8. Your photos of a beautiful and majestic landscape are spectacular. You saw lots of critters and creatures!

  9. Some fantastic walks in Banff, like Lake Louise I've only ever skied there