Friday, 2 September 2016

Little Beehive and Lake Agnes Teahouse - Lake Louise

Tuesday 30 May

Still catching up.

Rain yesterday, brought a significant drop in temperatures, which meant that as we drove to Lake Louise mid morning, the journey was stunningly beautiful, with all the mountain tops dusted with fresh snow. I tried to leave the camera on the seat as we had driven this road several times already, but I just couldn't help myself.
Castle Mountain looking resplendent.

Lake Louise was breathtaking in the morning sunshine. Our hike was to Mirror Lake, Agnes Lake and Little Beehive, a total of 440m elevation and 10 kms return. Even Frank was a tad excited with the views.

The trail started about 500 metres along the RHS of Lake Louise. 

Here is where the ascent is about to begin. A passing cloud changes the colour of the lake.

It was a steady 2.6 km climb, with good switchbacks, through tall pines to Mirror Lake and its reflections. Halfway up, there is an opening to view the lake.

Big Beehive dominating the skyline and overlooking Mirror Lake.

The climb continues up to Agnes Lake.

I adore these gorgeous little critters, seen on every trail we have hiked.

Climbing higher.

Lake Agnes.
As the summer season for the teahouse was still a week away,  our time here was short, as a cold wind was sweeping down from the surrounding peaks, chilling us to the core.

We took a RH turn to steadily climb to Little Beehive. As we ascended, the forest opened out and we enjoyed spectacular views of Lake Louise and the Bow Valley.

Our lunch spot was at the back end of Little Beehive, with views of the Lake Louise ski slopes and the beginning of the Icefields Parkway. 

There were drifts of snow, so of course this Aussie, just had to create another snowman. The opportunities are few and far between at home.

The return journey begins.

From the carpark, Agnes teahouse is a tiny spot in the dip.

I could get very used to these amazing mountains.

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful place! I would think that the cooler temps would make it more comfortable to make the climb - at least, I know I'd like it better. (I love the little snowman you made!)

  2. Doesn't seem like it 4 months ago... Lovely pictures of a wonderful place.

  3. One of my favorite hikes in Banff National Park! Glad you are posting about your May vacation.

  4. I truly love everything in this area and never get tired of hiking here. Your photos are so pretty and show exactly why I love the Lake Louise area.

  5. I have been to Lake Louise but your story makes me realise that in the days before I was a photographer how little I remember of what I actually saw!

    My sister lived in British Columbia so I used to visit Canada reasonably often.

  6. I'm glad I can bring back lovely memories.

  7. Stunning images of those blue mountain lakes. Rockies is missing from my list of places I've hiked (I've skied at Lake Louise though)