Monday, 23 May 2016

Going on a bear Hunt

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Sunday dawned very wet and the forecast wasn't promising for the rest of the day. Mid morning we set off for a Tim Horten's coffee. Not a good decision on a wet, long weekend Sunday. The queue had to be 20 deep. Stuart joined us at this point and suggested we go for drive along the Bow Valley Parkway and animal spot.
First stop was an overlook for the Bow River. Back in 1996, my family and I had sat here eating our lunch, having just spent 3 days skiing at Sunshine Village. The boys were 10 and 8.

The animal count wasn't high, but the drive very enjoyable.
                                 7 elk

Osprey nesting on a bridge across the Bow River.


Leaving the Parkway, the car travelled east along the 93, climbing to the point of the Continental Divide and into British Columbia. The surrounding mountain peaks were covered in cloud, so we could only imagine their beauty. One was called Storm Mountain. I could fully understand why, on this day. Not long after we pulled into the carpark for Marble Canyon. The canyon is surrounded by burnt trees from a blazing fire that swept through in 2003, burning for nearly a month.

Mount Whymper.
             Storm Mountain

The limestone canyon carved out by Tokumm Creek, over thousands of years, is deep and dramatic, with glacial meltwater that is a spectacular ice blue. It is impossible to photograph its magnificence 
with my camera. 
The photos are in the order from the exit of the canyon back up to its entrance waterfall.

A layered rock just 'sitting' beside the canyon. How? When? What is it? 

Back in town, we took a walk along the Bow River, before finding somewhere to dine for the evening.

Rainy yes, but another magic day with our son in his beautiful part of the world. I would love to read your comment.


  1. Gadzooks, there are some incredible shots here... The one of the mountain and clouds looks as if it's wearing a shawl. Wonderful.

  2. I LOVE the photos of Storm Mountain, which was certainly well named on a foggy day. I could almost hear the water rushing down the waterfall in your shots of the limestone canyon. As always, thanks for taking me along for a sightseeing tour! I might not get to visit otherwise.

  3. Good for you for making the most of the day, despite the weather. Banff is beautiful even in the rain.

  4. The canyon is very spectacular. Tread carefully!!

  5. Excelentes e belas fotografias.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

  6. Helen - magical as always. I love looking at the beauty through your eyes.... I'm inspired. If I never get to visit at least I can say "I enjoyed the view." Asha