Saturday, 21 May 2016

Damp, Fabulous Banff.

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Yeah, I can access my blog.

Our 29 hour journey was pleasant except for the fact that our luggage is still trying to catch up with us. Fortunately we had packed a set of clothes and our hiking boots in our backpack so yesterday we were out and about with our son. The weather wasn't at it's best, but we had a magic day on two trails, covering 10 k's.

Initially we had a stroll down Banff Avenue.
                          Cascade Mountain
Bow River - snow melt flow.

A 20 minute drive to Canmore took us to the Grassi Trail. This delightful flat walk through the pine trees very quickly became mountain goat climbing, but the rewards were magnificent.

A drive along the Bow Valley, took us past the beautiful Lac des Arcs.

Somewhere opposite this shoreline we commenced hiking along Heart Canyon, named for Heart Mountain dominating above.
                          Before the hike

                     After the hike

Rain is forecast for the next 2 days, but as they have had a very dry winter, I won't complain and take each day as it comes.
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  1. The luggage finally arrived

  2. I'm happy the luggage has arrived!
    Thank you for these lovely photos. Canada is so very beautiful. I always say that Northern America is like our views here, only much bigger and more handsome.
    Enjoy your time!... I'm sure you do. :)

  3. Banff is gorgeous in any weather! Glad you arrived safely and your luggage finally followed. Enjoy your time with your son.

  4. Beautiful pictures, as always.... And I agree with your surmise that the caterpillar is going down. I had another shot which seemed a confirmation, but both ends of him were out of the depth of focus. Hate it when that happens. Thanks for sharing your trip.

  5. Welcome to my part of the world! It is nice to see you had some blue sky. Good to see you are already out getting your mountain legs and on terrain I am familiar with. As for Heart Mountain, I made my way to the top of that mountIn twice. I look forward to hiking with you.

  6. Banff looks spectacular regardless of the weather. Enjoy all your hiking!