Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Crossing the Rockies

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A spectacular drive today in glorious sunshine, Banff in Alberta to Kimberley in BC. [267 kms] The snow capped mountains had us in awe, but the spotting of 3 black bears was the highlight.

Below, back at the Bow River.
Bill we waited and waited for a train with no luck. Not far along the road, we heard it come through.

Castle Mountain

Johnston's Canyon

Copper Mountain from Johnson Canyon.

Awesome to be constantly driving through these snow capped peaks. Where do I look? Can I take too many pics?

Vermillion River

Paint Pots - source of colour for the one nation people.

Numa Falls

Lunch beside the Kootenay River.

Columbia Lake, near the source of the Columbia River.

Relaxing on the balcony of our more than comfortable unit.

Wonderful muted sunset at 9.30pm.

Clear skies at 6.30am.

Moon setting.

Marysville Falls near Kimberley.

Our return journey was as sensational as the previous day, but the views looked different travelling in the opposite direction.

Columbia Lake

Kootenay River

Lunch view of the Columbia River.

We were fortunate enough to spot 3 more bears.

The continental divide. 
Here is the source of the Bow River which flows NW to Hudson Bay and the Kootenay, which flows  west, into the Pacific Ocean.

Magnificent view west from the Continental divide.

Mt Rundle dwarfing Banff on our return.

During the late afternoon the rain returned. The forecast for tomorrow is for more damp weather. I am extremely grateful for these 2 days of wonderful sunshine and our travels with Kim and Stuart. 
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  1. Glad you got some sunny skies! How cool to spot all those bears. Yes, the Canadian Rockies are magnificent.

  2. Replies
    1. It is! Hard to believe, but they need rain!

  3. Lovely photos Helen! You certainly captured the essence of The Rockies bears and all!

  4. Some great shots here--- The bears and that last picture were my faves.

  5. I'm following your trip with much excitment. Spectacular scenery, bears, moon setting, snow capped peaks, sunshine, what more can you ask for?