Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A Memorable Week

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1. It is wonderful to have the freedom again to enjoy our great outdoors. Perfect temperatures with clear, blue skies adds to the beauty around me.

Autumn is trying to show her face. Mist beside the local creek.

Blackfaced Cuckoo Shrike

2. It seemed very apt to spend today at Loganholme SS. My boys started their education there, My first teaching class was a year one and today I farewelled my life in the classroom with a year one. I have fond memories of my first class at Maroochydore SS. I found teaching 63 different year ones in my first class, with 43 at one time, so much easier than many of todays classes.
There was Sadie who's feet were killing her ribs on her first day, and Martin found at the front gate after lunch, who just wanted to go home and have a sandwich with his Mum. Then there was Jason Wordie who exclaimed that 'I am just tooooo frustrated to work!!!' Gregory, Bradley, Gwenda and Scott and the list goes on.

3. Our Wednesday walkers are now named The Hungry Hikers and through the determined organisation of Laurel, we now have a Facebook page. 

Today we had a fabulous walk beside the Logan River in both the Logan River and Alexander Clark Parks, notching up 12 kms.
The beauty of the river at 8 am was astounding.
Logan River Parkland

We always find time to play.

And admire an Aussie icon.
The old bridge over the Logan.

Entrance to Alexander Clarke Park.

4. Successful Koala Spotting
     We often hike through areas known for their koala population, but in our 3 years of walking, today was the first day to bring us successful spotting. Alexander Clarke Park has several residents. I had just made the comment that the council should have a park warden spot them each day and leave a sign below the koalas tree. I had hardly walked more than another 10 steps, when this arrow caught my attention. A big thank you to the kind person who left this.

The koalas blend so well in their habitat, that they are easily missed. This little fella kept us amused for quite some time.

Further along the path, we met other walkers who excitedly told us where to spot another. We are not sure if we would have seen him without this information.

5. Tomorrow morning will see my husband and I boarding a flight to Calgary to be met by our son and his wife. We are so looking forward to spending 2 weeks with them in Banff where they live.
In the passed 2 weeks they have seen the northern lights, had a large snowfall, enjoyed a pit fire beside Two Jack Lake and watched a black bear come to the water's edge for a drink, plus spotting a large moose.  The question is, can they replicate these events for us?

I had problems uploading my blog when I was in Europe last year, so you may not see me for a few weeks.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. Lovely photos of the river and how cool to see two koalas! Safe travels to you! :)

  2. I really enjoy your posts like this--- I feel in some small way as if I'd joined you. Wonderful to see the Koalas. Thanks for sharing those and the incidentals like the arrow. I hope your trip to Banff is wonderful.

  3. Have a wonderful time away, and I look forward to reading all about it on your return.

  4. Whoa, a koala in the wild! Sweet!