Thursday, 3 March 2016

Summiting Brisbane's Highest Peak.

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The title of this post is a bit of a joke.
Yesterday we hiked through the Mt Coot-tha Gardens, to a new trail to the Mt Coot-tha Lookout.
Whilst trying to find information about the new trail, I stumbled on the revelation, that it is Brisbane's highest peak. My friends and I had a bit of a giggle, as even in our wildest dreams, we can't imagine it as a 'peak'.

The weather was horribly hot and humid, as we commenced our hike at 7.30 am. The walk through the gardens was delightful, with photo opportunities around every corner. Once the ascent began, the the sweat began to flow. The trail was wide, gravelly and steep. We took it slowly and rewarded ourselves with coffee and cake at the Lookout Cafe, enjoying the views over Brisbane city and watching the rain clouds build. We saw no sense rushing back down and getting soaked, so stayed far longer than we normally would.

Back in the gardens - city view.

I loved the climb, but it was the garden with its winding paths, taking you from one tranquil environment to another, that made my day.
Initially we walked through the desert habitat, not tranquil, but so beautiful in its own harsh way.

Desert Starfish. 

In total contrast were the water lilies.


The reflections on the lake begged us to stop and admire them.

The colours of the rainforest flowers were vibrant.

The fronds of the ferns waved gently in the cooling breeze.

A kookaburra quietly sat focusing on finding breakfast.

Water tumbled over the man made falls.

A pond in the thick of the rainforest brought many surprises - musical fruit bats.

           Dancing, diving dragonflies  

     Big and small wildlife.     
This frog is about the size of my thumbnail.We had to take great care not to step on his brothers and sisters.

Lovely sculptures of our native wild animals amongst the plants.

Lunch was taken down by the lily pond. The ducks and other birdlife kept us enthralled with their antics. The water dragon lizard was unusually unhappy and lunged into an attack of my feet on two occasions. We are so fortunate to have this 50 hectare garden on our doorstep.

I hope you appreciate enjoying this visit to Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens without the discomfort of the high humidity. I would love to read your comment.


  1. Lovely walk, Helen. Gorgeous photos. And I didn't feel hot at all! Made me homesick for Brisbane.

  2. Beautiful place for a walk!

  3. The words "summiting" and "peak" did capture my attention and I was fooled! There was lots to capture your attention on this hike.

  4. Yes, you are truly fortunate to have this beautiful park at your doorstep. Loved my visit just now... without the humidity, and thoroughly enjoying your photos.

  5. Thank you, Helen, for this fun and beautiful post! Fabulous flowers and exotic (even too much) critters... Indeed it must be lovely to have such an interesting place near your home.
    Googling, I read Mt Coot-tha would be 287 metres above sea level (is it correct?). Well, I guess for us it would be a peak! :D
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. Yes Sara, Mt Coot-tha is 287m high. I thought I had included that info. I definitely meant to and like you, we don't have any 'peaks' around, that would be much higher.

  6. 287 metres, what a climb! :))))
    The view is spectacular though, definitely worth the hike. I can imagine that in high heat and humidity it's a real effort to walk to the top.
    Your photos of the many details to marvel at along the way are wonderful.

    Now to answer your question about the biker in Marseilles, this is what it's all about: at the farthest end of the Vieux Port is a newish structure (inaugurated March 2013), a huge sheltered area designed by Norman Foster which is as useful in the hot sun as in the rain. The metro exit is there too. The underside of the structure's roof is made of mirrors (1,000 sq. meters of mirrors!) which offer a vast choice of fun picture opportunities. The structure is just by the water's edge and the guy with his bike was sitting just meters from me, but taking his photo via his reflection in the ceiling gave this very distorted image.
    Check out this link for more :
    The photos show very well what the structure looks like and the effects it creates. If you're going to Marseilles soon, I'm sure you'll visit the Vieux Port. Make sure you fill up on fun photos of your own!

    1. Thank you Nathalie for all this information. I will definitely have my camera with me.