Saturday, 26 March 2016

China -Part 5

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Day 8
Continuing the recount of our 11 day visit to China.

The morning of Day 8 had been spent exploring Shibaozhai's, Red Pagoda.

 On our return to the Katerina, we cruised further up the Yangtze River. At about 3 pm we moored at Fengdu. I was the only one of our group who elected to visit its old city and the relocation Village.

In the old city we walked through narrow, but busy alleyways, to visit a Chinese school for children 4 to 6 years. It seems a lovely idea to be able to visit, but in the height of the tourist season, the disruption must be awful for the teachers. 

From the school we continued into the busy market area. Falling rain added to the hustle and bustle, as the locals went about their daily way of life.

       Noodle making

It was about a half hour drive to the edge of Fengdu, to visit  an 84 year old, who had been given Government money to build a home and some land to share, to compensate for the flooding of his farm. He said he was happy with the flooding of the Yangtze and his move to the new location.
Lower floor of his new home.
The shared fields, growing a variety of vegetables.

Back on board, we enjoyed a final night in the company of our many new friends. Just on retiring for the night, the Katerina sailed past this brightly lit city for about half an hour,

Day 9
The Katerina docked in Chongqing, soon after sunrise. Our wonderful voyage was over.
As part of our 'Tripadeal', we spent the day in a coach, visiting Chongqing's highlights.

During our visit to China, we were regularly exposed to the traditional Chinese way of life, amidst modern surroundings. This was particularly so in Chongqing.

The boat's porters, organising for the disembarkation of our luggage.
Carrying a roll of carpet from the Katerina.

Immediately below this huge, very new bridge, we visited Huguang Guild Hall - an old complex of buildings that had been a cultural, business and social centre.

Water tank incase of fire.

The time is midday. The hazy view is supposedly not pollution, just winter cloud.

The modern, commercial area of Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street and
The People's Liberation Monument, 1945 to celebrate victory over the Japanese.

Perfect shot of contrasting ways of life. Not sure what the ladies in red were carrying, but it was extremely heavy.

Chongqing's 'Sydney Opera House' at the junction of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers.
The domed 'Hall of the People' - musical and theatrical performances. Dancing very popular in the grounds. 

Opposite was the Yangtze River Museum, where we spent 2 hours viewing informative displays about the history and creation of the project. 4pm saw us all back on the bus, headed for the airport and our 8pm flight to Xian. 

Our first glimpse of the sun in 9 days, as we neared the airport.

Almost there. Clear blue sky and sunshine just a sleep away! I'd love to read your comment.


  1. Loved all your photos of daily life in China. What a fabulous trip!

  2. As always, thanks for taking us along. Wonderful visit, wonderful pictures. And that bridge!!!

  3. What an incredible journey you had. The history of China is quite fascinating. Loved seeing all your photos.

  4. Fabulous photos, Helen! Thank you for sharing!