Thursday, 10 March 2016

Chasing Down a Memory

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Several weeks ago, whilst walking in the rainforest, our conversation turned to special events in our past. It wasn't long before both Jocelyn and Margot were waxing lyrical  about the delicious pineapple parfaits they'd always enjoyed, on their visit to the Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast.
The comment was made that there must surely be some walking tracks in the vincinity of this icon. That was my cue to do some delving.
I discovered that near bye at Buderim, an old railway line had been made into trail and close by was a lovely creek walk. Also it wasn't far to the coast to include a beach walk.

Yesterday was the first opportunity for all of us to be together. Plans were made that included walking, but alas, the traffic conditions and rain, delayed us considerably. By the time we arrived at The Pineapple at 10.30 am, our tongues were hanging out in anticipation of tasting the delectable parfait of our memories,

Oh dear, it didn't take long for anticipation to turn to depression. From the moment we entered the massive, neglected carpark, we knew our long journey wasn't going to be rewarded with any parfait, let alone the one of our memory. We climbed the high, winding staircase of the overpass and were dismayed to see that even the iconic 'Big Pineapple' was desperately in need of TLC.

Hard times have fallen on this venture, which at its height of popularity, saw Princess Diana and Prince Charles dining there, on their Australian tour. The Pineapple is under  recent new ownership. I sincerely hope that their investment won't be in vain.

Sensing everyone's disappointment, especially that of Joc and Margot, Jenny suggested we travel a little further to Buderim Ginger Factory at Yandina.

Yes, Jenny became the hero of the day!

The Buderim Ginger Factory complex is a  thriving concern. There was much to interest us, especially the variety of ginger plants found on the rainforest walk.

And the outdoor draughts, come hopscotch board.

Across the road we visited a Coffee Factory and Macadamia Nut Factory. Looking at our watches we concluded it was much too late for walking more than our 2km rainforest walk. We drove to Alexandra Headlands to watch the ocean, as we nibbled on our, 'not really necessary sandwiches.
It seems that wherever we go now, the water dragons have arrived before us.

Today I had a mid morning appointment, almost at the Gold Coast. To make up for my lack of exercise yesterday, I decided to continue to North Burleigh Beach and stretch my legs.
It was a lovely, blue sky day, but hot and sweaty walking - 9 kms completed. A quick dip in the ocean, soon had me refreshed to drive home. 

It's not worth stressing when things don't go to plan. Our motto is to laugh and enjoy being out and about in this great land down under. Our day made new memories. I would love to read your comment.


  1. Those sundaes looked wonderful! Even though things didn't go quite as planned it looked like a great outing with your friends.

  2. Well maybe not what you planned, but sometimes the detours turn out to be the best part.