Thursday, 21 January 2016

Rosemary's Walk

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Rosemary is Rosemary of, a blog I enjoy reading about her life in France. Rosemary has commented that she would love to join one of my Wednesday bushwalks. Distance of course is a problem, but this is the walk I would choose, if she ever gets the chance to be in SE Queensland.

It was a most enjoyable hour's drive to Springbrook National Park. Margot's navigator took us on a different route to our previous visits, taking us through Nerang rather than Mudgeeraba. Lovely new scenery to admire.
Morning tea was enjoyed in the shady park at the top of the Purling Brook Falls circuit. Our aim today was to explore the circuit, which had been closed for several years, because of a landslide.
As always, a feeling of calm and tranquility descended upon us, as we entered the rainforest.

Initially we walked along the rim, with its stunning views across the valley and to the coast.

A blue tongue lizard and gonana greeted us quite lazily, as they lay basking in the sun..

We had had nearly 3 inches of rain 2 weeks ago. Since then however, the temperatures have been high, with gusty winds, making for very dry walking conditions. There were very few wildflowers.

The soaring trees still impressed, as we zig zagged our way down to the base of the Gwongorella Falls. [Purling Brook Falls]

The circuit is now open, after intense rerouting and the dropping into place of this suspended bridge, by helicopter.


We were pleasantly surprised at the ease in which the track now ascended to the top of the falls and back to the carpark.

A short drive took us to another shady, green picnic area near the Twin Falls Circuit. Lunch was enjoyed before we set off on my favourite trail. Today we decided to do it in reverse. It was surprising how different some features now looked.
Again we walked along the rim of the gorge, with more gorgeous views to the coast.

This goana didn't want to greet us and rushed up the tree. He had eaten well and was finding it difficult to cling to the bark.
Once our initial descent had been made, the trail divides with the Warrie Trail descending even further. Our circuit continued on hugging the base of the soaring cliffs. It is mind boggling to see the variety of vegetation and trees clinging and growing from these cliffs. The rocks have been fractured and moved over time. Many make us wonder how they manage to stay in place. The falls, with so little moisture falling, were still magnificent.

During the latter part of the trail, as we climbed above the waterfalls, the rocks seemed to be more rounded and boulder like. Why in such a short distance? Are they here, as a result of the Mt Warning eruption, 23 million years ago.

All too soon we were back on the rim of the gorge. 

There had been a bushfire in this area before Christmas. It was lovely to see nature's rejuvenation.

One final 'wow' moment - a small stream bubbled over a series of cascades, beneath the green forest canopy, before it dramatically descended to the rock pool far below.

It had been 8 months since we had hiked in any rainforest and we all agreed that we mustn't let it be that big a gap again.  

Rosemary I hope you have enjoyed this virtual walk of Springbrook's rainforest. At least you won't have sore legs from the 200 odd steps we negotiated. How quickly muscles become unfit.


  1. Lovely hike! And nice waterfall too. Yes, I'd love to hike in your country! I'll have to do so vicariously for now though. :)

  2. I'm sure Rosemary would love it. I really like the shots between the rocks.

  3. O.K. I would like to also virtually join in with you on one of your downunder bush walks! I really like the variety of scenery you experience, well all except for the lizzardy things.

  4. Oh, Helen, I am so touched to be taken on such a lovely virtual walk with you through the rainforest. One day, I will join you! All those beautiful waterfalls. Even the suspension bridge doesn't look too frightening. I'm not sure if I'd be able to look down though!