Saturday, 30 January 2016

Magnificent Murren

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We saw very little on the 3 hour train journey to Murren, until Lake Thunersee, near Interlaken. The lake is surrounded by alps and they were snowcapped. At Interlaken we changed from the fast train to the delightfully slow, tourist motor rail train, for the journey up Lauterbrunnen Valley to Lauterbrunnen. At the station, we walked less than 100 metres to the Gondola that would lift us almost vertically out of the valley to Grutschalp, in 6 minutes. We then joined the small mountain rail train, for the half hour journey along the rim of the mountain to Murren, gasping as the views were revealed through the swirling fog.
Yet again the 'happiness' barometer was rising rapidly and remained at elevated levels for the next 5 days.

Entering the Lauterbrunnen Valley.
The Gondola ride begins.
Village of Wengen, across the valley. How lucky were we, that snow had fallen in the previous 24 hours?
Climbing higher.
Almost to Grutschalp.
Snow getting thicker on the ground.

This is the train we now joined to transport us to Murren - the village without cars. The photo was taken the following day.
Views from the train.

View from the entrance to Chalet Boebs, our accommodation.
View from the lounge and our bedroom.
Window open. View to the right.

We arrived at our Chalet at 3.30 and had to dash up to the one small supermarket before closing time, at 4pm, for milk and a few other items not bought in France. Once our purchases had been made we took time to explore this charming village with its stunning views. It was the end of the summer season and already many of the village facilities had closed, not that this was going to worry us.

The Eiger, shrouded in cloud.

The fog was playing games and was constantly swirling and diving into the valley. In the Distance is the Eiger - 3970 m and closer, The Jungfrau - 4158 m.
Autumn leaves and snow - wow!

The sun trying to hold its own with the clouds.
Typical village chalet decorated for Halloween.

On our return Kitty and Albert [our hosts] invited us to join them for coffee, cake and schnapps. We now fully understood why our friends had recommended Chalet Boebs to us so highly.

Once the fog lifted late the following morning, we witnessed many parachute jumpers, floating down into the valley, from high above our chalet.

It was a steep climb from our chalet to the village proper. Puffing just a little, the camera was a good excuse to stop and rest from time to time. Why hurry when surrounded by such incredible beauty.

The Schilthorn - 2970 m.
Closer with my zoom.

Our aim for the day was to walk the trail to Grutschalp and back - 14 kms.

There was a high bank beside the trail and I just couldn't resist making a snowman. It was quite difficult, as the snow was icy and and set hard before I could really shape it.

Glimpses through the trees, across the valley.

Had to pinch myself sitting here!

One of my favourite views taken on the return walk - such majestic splendour.

I was delighted to find my little man still enjoying the views from the bank.

I had been fortunate enough to have visited Murren on 2 previous occasions, but both a fleeting day visit. I fell in love then, but could only imagine her beauty on a perfect day.  Perhaps today hadn't been 'perfect', but for me the fresh, crisp mountain air and breathtaking vistas had me enchanted.

Dreams do come true! I would love to read your comment.


  1. I don't know, it looks awful darn perfect to me! Another place I would love to visit someday.

    1. It's all in the definition Linda. If today was 'perfect' then the following day was 'perfecter' and the next 'perfectest' and then I'm lost for the last day which was 'sensationally perfectest'.
      I do hope you do get to visit and with 'perfect' weather like ours.

  2. The views certainly are lovely! I particularly like the shot taken from the Chalet. Don't known that I could have taken that gondola though. The little train looks more to my liking.

    1. The views from the chalet were constantly changing with the time of day, and the fog movements. Thank goodness for digital cameras.
      This gondola / cable car held easily 50 people and was very smooth. Day 4 I have a photo of another across a high, high, valley. I'm not sure I would feel okay on it.

  3. What are the horizontal stripes on some of the mountains (picture 3 for instance)?

  4. Barriers for avalanche control. What a job erecting them!