Sunday, 17 January 2016


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Our stay in Geneva was short. Just a quick visit to touch base with an old school mate of my husband.
We were met at the train station. After dumping our luggage at our accommodation, we took the tram to the Old City for lunch. With the chilly October temperatures, it was interesting to see tables still set up in courtyards and by the River Rhone. Blankets were provided, but we opted for inner warmth.

                   Day 1- pm
                    Day 2 - pm

On our 2nd morning, we had a couple of hours to fill in before brunch with Nic at his apartment. We decided to take a less direct route to Lake Geneva's shoreline. On the way we made some lovely discoveries.

    United Nations Precinct
'Broken Chair' sculpture - commissioned by Handicap International and installed August 1997, to urge all countries to sign the 'Ban the Land MineTreaty'.
Beautiful tiles in the grounds of The Geneva Museum.
Parkland with autumn colours.
            Botanical Gardens
                 Emperor ducks

         Incredible sculptures

    Blazing autumn colours

On our last day with Nic, he took us on a road trip across the border to France. I just loved the buildings we passed.

Nic avoided the autobahns, but often they were above us as we drove along the valley floor.
The town of Nantua could be seen at the end of the lake, when we ate lunch at the Belle Rive Restaurant.

We chose the 3 course menu and got 4. A delicious pate just appeared on the table with the bread.
                 Salad Paysanne
Quenelle de Brochet with Sauce Nantua au Beurre d Ecrevisses - yummy!
And simply divine desserts.
The bill came in this miniature 'pencil case' and when opened, we discovered a selection of sweets. 
A perfect meal and setting.

Now it was time to say goodbye to Nic and hello to our friend Mike, who collected us for the 45 minute journey to Les Serraz farm, just outside Hauteville Lompnes.

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  1. That meal looks divine! My mouth is watering! I also liked the tree branch sculptures.

    1. The meal was! There were so many sculptures it was difficult to choose what to add.

  2. Loved the ducks. Loved the sculptures. And I would love to have had that lunch. Thanks for the ride-along.

  3. It was all wonderful, wasn't it!

  4. Those ducks are really beautiful. Don't you love the painted exteriors?