Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Based in Lauterbrunnen

Saturday 3rd  June

We arrived in Lauterbrunnen, about midday. After finding our hotel to deposit our luggage, we took the gondola 1000m up to Grutschalp, a journey we have taken several times previously. On this day, for the first time, there was no snow in our wonderful view.

This took us to my favourite trail - 4 kms to Murren with its incredible panoramas across the Lauterbrunnen valley to the town of Wengen  and the towering peaks of the Eiger and Jungfrau.

Our friends, Tony and Veronica, hadn't previously been in this area. We enjoyed the walk together and then they took the cable car up to the Schilthorn. This gave us time to just relax in Murren and soak up her amazing views and beauty.

Murren is basically car free. From our viewing point, we watched the arrival of many trolley's of potted colour for the town's window boxes. This trolley of mannequins for shop displays, brought much amusement, ours and their owners. It appeared that they wanted to take in all the scenery as the trolley set off. 

A couple of hours later, we regrouped and set off on the trail to Gimmelwald. As we exited Murren, it was lovely to pass Chalet Boeb, our wonderful accommodation 2 years ago.

My husband and I walked this trail several times on our previous visit. I recalled a photo I had taken then, of a horse outside a barn, looking across the valley. I kept my eyes open to find him again.

Has he moved? Top 2015. Bottom 2017.
He has been groomed.

Once in Gimmelwald we took the last gondola for the day back down to the valley. Time had gotten away from us, so a bus ride took us back to our hotel.
The Lauterbrunnen Falls being blown by the wind.

Sunday dawned overcast and damp.

There was much discussion as to what was the best option for the day. Result - a train to Grindelwald to take the chairlift to First and then set off on a 10 km return hike to Lake Bachalpsee.

The Lauterbrunnen River was in full spate, after the night's rain.

It had been a foggy journey up to First, a distance that my GPS gave as 5 km - 3 stations but only 1 change.
At First, I was able to take a photo of what our vista should look like across to the Eiger.

Immediately to the right of the above photo was a cliff walk.

Time to set off for Lake Bachalpsee - just know that my happiness metre was soaring. The camera was clicking and I have tried not to overload with pics but.....................

An all too friendly fox. He didn't get any food from us.

The Eiger trying to appear.

A smaller lake.

Lake Backalpsee

We returned to First with the sky giving us sunshine, fog and rain, but the rain stopped and the fog was slowly lifted, as we descended back to Grindiwald on the chairlift.

It was a beautiful evening back in Lauterbrunnen.

The conditions gave us great hope for our plans for the following day. Watch this space.

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  1. All wonderfully caught--- It's great to travel with you. Loved the fox by the way...

  2. Oh wow! You certainly know how to have a good time. Fresh air, good walks and stunnining scenery, what could be better.
    That horse is most definately a mannequin in disquise. The paint has just washed off it over the past two years ;) Have a great week Helen!

  3. Oh my goodness! These photos are gorgeous. What a beautiful place to explore!

  4. Oh those mountain views are spectacular! I'd love to go hiking here. Oh I need to plan a trip here someday.

  5. Wow - you certainly know how to find spots of outstanding beauty!

  6. Brought back some memories of a trip to Grindelwald in my youth. We had similarly gloomy weather but enjoyed some long walks and trip on the First Chairlift (one of the longest in the world at that time, may still be). No cliff edge walk in those days though, I love that sort of thing