Friday, 23 June 2017

Rhine River Cruise - Day 3 and 4.

We have now been home 4 days since our amazing month in Europe. I was constantly blown away with the history, architecture, countryside and mountains, we had the good fortune to explore. 
We had cruised the Rhine in October 2008. To see it again, but in spring, was wonderful. The unseasonably warm temperatures meant that I was able to blissfully watch the countryside passing on either bank from the top deck of our vessel. Of course, an excessive number of pics were taken. I've tried to select a sample that gives the ambience of our journey, plus notable landmarks.

Midday, approaching Cologne.

Its a very busy river!

Relaxing with wonderful new Canadian friends.

Australia has very strict Work Place and Safety laws. This is one of many examples we saw, that wouldn't pass.

The boat was moving quickly, but I included this, as it is an example of the locals making the most of the river banks and paths.

The sound of birds chirping in the trees, was a constant source of joy for me.

With the terrorist attack in Manchester only a day old, we were relieved to be informed that we were only witnessing an anti terrorist exercise, important in this very industrial reach of the river. 

Look at the age of the brewery.

No waiting for bar service with this arrangement.

The Kallendresser or 'gutter shitters' were not uncommon high on churches and buildings, in medieval times. This one is very modern [1980's] and was displayed opposite the Townhall, in protest of its management. The story goes, that the face under the clock of the Townhall, is poking his tongue out  at the 'gutter shitter'

Cologne Cathedral.

I've never seen quintuplets before. I was impressed with their pram, but not their Mother on her phone.

Love the European lifestyle.

After a delicious dinner with entertaining new friends, I took a walk up on deck at 9.30 to have my breathe taken away by the sunset colours. Our boat was due to depart, so I made a frantic dash along the street to get the best angle. Not a good idea after a big meal, but worth it.

Day 4 - Koblenz

A tranquil early morning vista from our cabin. Result -  I just had to be up on deck!

Not always scenic, but that is the life of the Rhine.

I love dining and watching the world go by.

An early breakfast today, as we were arriving in Koblenz at 8am. I was finishing at 7, when I realised we were already coming into port. A mad dash to the top deck, as I had recalled how impressive our arrival had been in 2008.

The Rhine straight ahead and the Moselle to the right. 
Monument statue of Emperor William 1, mounted on his 14 m high horse.

Total bliss to see 'spring' throughout this holiday.

Our guide and a wall with markings of the worst Rhine flood levels. Dec 1993 at the top and 15 cm below the Nov 1882, level.

Cesar Baldaccini's 2 1/2 m brass thumb, sticking out of the ground in front of the art museum.

Cute, but why a kangaroo on a German school bus?

The History Column portrays 2000 years of Koblenz history in 10 scenes perched one atop the other.

The intersection of what was 2 Roman roads.

There are many 'fun' statues in Koblenz. This one, on the site of the old Saturday market, is 'The Market Wife and Policeman'. She has complained a neighbour's dog has just urinated on her basket and she wants him to fix the problem.

At the start of the 17C, the Jesuits erected the house of prayer - Jesuit Church, in the old town square. The memorial to Johannes Muller [city born Doctor] was erected in 1899.

Here is the mascot of Koblenz, The Kowelenzer Schangel, a rascal who is always up to mischief. The unwary can be sprayed with water, as the spurts are irregular.

This fortress, opposite Koblenz, is the largest preserved fortress in Europe, but was only built between 1817 and 1828. 
Our tiny boat is moored beside another, that we had to cross to get to the shore. 
There was an amusing incident as we came alongside, witnessed only by myself and the crew, who were waiting to secure the boat. Unaware of our arrival, one cabin had their windows wide open. One occupant was in a state of undress. We couldn't decide if she froze on the spot or decided inaction, was the best action. Our boat was moving very slowly.
The manoeuvring beside other boats, occurred quite often. 

We continued cruising at 12.30 pm, so it was a hasty lunch to be back on deck, as we entered the Rhine Gorge, a Unesco World Heritage Site of more than 40 castles and fortresses of the Middle Ages.

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  1. I've been following your latest trip on Facebook and I'm loving the photos. My dad has always talked about taking a boat trip down the Rhine River - this post is inspiration for me to get off my butt and plan something! Can't wait to read all your blog posts about your trip.

  2. So many pictures! The cathedral in Cologne is mind-boggling! Especially in silhouette! I went back to look at the previous batch as well. I'm glad you're back.

  3. Good to see some images of Cologne. We are stopping off there for an afternoon on our way home from or European rail tour in the summer. Looks a very leisurely way to see the Rhine Valley

    1. I look forward to your European Rail Tour. Hiking involved I suspect.

  4. I am enjoying catching up on your travels. The history & age of buildings is just incredible in comparison to Australia's buildings. Great photos.