Monday, 22 May 2017

Rhine River Cruise - Day 1 and 2

Tuesday 23 May

It is 4am and suffering jet lag from our long flight from Australia, I am wide awake.
Our arrival in Amsterdam was greeted with cool, cloudy damp weather, which quickly turned to warm sunshine for the past 2 days. So blest!





5pm crowds


Saturdays are party time.

Boarding Gate1's 'Monarch Baroness', midday Sunday.

My close friend Jocelyn, was also setting off on a river cruise - Danube, from Amsterdam. We had hoped to meet up in the morning, but it didn't pan out. I knew her boats departure time was 12.30pm, so sat on the river bank until I saw her boat approaching. She did spot me and there was mad waving to one another. A small police car pulled up and tooted and waved as well. Very exciting.

The afternoon was spent exploring the local canals.

Monday morning the pace of the river and city went up a notch or two.

We were taken on a bus and walking tour, followed by a local canal cruises

Back onboard by midday, we soon set sail for an afternoon of rural, picturesque magic.
Here is where I sat when not up snapping pics.

Fresh hay being transported for storage.

At about 3pm we entered the first of 2 locks.

And one final rural vista taken from our cabin, as we dressed for dinner at 7pm.

Day 3 has dawned equally beautifully.
Breakfast and  view.


Feeling very privileged and spoilt. Happiness metre riding high!

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  1. CBS Sunday Morning this week featured Amsterdam, so your photos looked familiar. What a wonderful adventure! Thanks for taking me along for the ride - or should I say, for the cruise?! ENJOY!

  2. What a wonderful way to see a new country! Hope you are having a great time (how can you not?)

  3. I am massively envious!!!!!!! But thanks for taking us along. Speaking of Holland, I write a blog for a music site there:
    It would be nice to actually go there some day.....

  4. Amsterdam was on our list for our own European city tour this summer (we decided on Berlin in the end) but it looks fab. Those pictures from the boat are wonderful. Hope your enjoying a little luxury and decadence as you drift down the Rhine

  5. What lovely shots of wonderful Amsterdam! Enjoy.

  6. What a lovely trip and fab photos.