Sunday, 18 October 2020

Return to Swell

 Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 16 September

The Gaiter Girls chose an early morning visit to this year's Swell Sculptures at Currumbin Beach, on the Gold Coast. The Hungry Hikers ventured down for a late afternoon explore. I didn't mind at all having to visit twice. Both the morning and afternoon light on the sculptures was pretty special.

This year, each piece had an easily read brief, on a poster near the exhibit. On several occasions when I had enjoyed a piece, I would then read the sculptor's description and found my reponse didn't match what had been created. An asethetically pleasing piece, was found to have a deeper, not so happy message for all.


'The Umbrella Effect' had little impact in the morning light, but was quite stunning as the sun set.

This exhibit was a triangular prism, and very emotive given that this time last year, the bush fires were raging. Sound effects added to its authenticity.

We were impressed with these Covid signs.

As the Gaiter Girls returned to our car for the journey home, we were thrilled to see this pelican grandly resting on a light pole, observing intensely, all the the action below him.

4pm and yes, the 'Hungry Hikers' were fueling up before commencing the 2 km sculpture walk, on both sand and footpath.

Views across the bay to Surfer's Paradise, 17 km away.

The Sentinels were totally unimpressive in the morning light, but quite sensational in the afternoon.

Looking back to Coolangatta.

A tranquil sunset and Currumbin Creek, as we farwelled the sculptures for another year.

I wonder which was your favourite? I am unable to make a final choice. 
The winner of the Neumann Family Swell Sculpture Award was local artist Mari Hirata's Sentinel.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. One could ponder these beauties for a long time. Visits in different light must have been fascinating. Thank you for sharing this beautiful exhibit.

  2. You Aussies sure do know how to have fun! I especially like the lobster.

  3. And I too would have been happy to pay a second visit.

  4. All are so different and so interesting. Another great outing with the Gaiter Girls.

  5. My favorites were the ocean view, since that's so foreign to Kansas. We have "waves" of wheat in the summer, and that's beautiful in its own way. But it's always a pleasure to see the ocean from your perspective.

    As far as the sculptures go, I liked You, Me, Sky and Sea because of the reflections, which I'm sure change all the time. I also liked the Umbrellas at sunset.

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  7. Looks like a really pleasant way to spend a day. I think they have a similar event in New Zealand, but the sculptures have to be made from material collected on the beach. Great event for Covid times.

  8. What a wonderful idea, sculptures on the beach. My favourite was "Fluid Air"