Friday, 24 January 2020

The Magic of Rain

Tuesday 21 January

We had had minimum falls of rain from July through to December. Everywhere was parched and tinder dry. Bush fires were rampant in SE Queensland where I live. These were the forerunner of the horror that unfolded in the southern states in late December.

 On the evening of the 11 December, this approaching storm was full of promise. Alas, hardly a drop fell.

A less dramatic looking storm on Christmas Eve, finally brought relief, dumping a wonderful inch of rain.
[Note that you cannot see any water in the golf pond.]

Two weeks later, there was a tinge of green coming through, as the Gaiter Girls set off on a local walk.

 From Christmas Eve through to the 17th January, no further rain fell. During this night however, I  heard rain falling off and on. I must have been sleeping more deeply than I had thought, as this was the view of the golf ponds I woke to. Over 100 mm or 4 inches of rain had fallen. Since then, over several days we have had a further inch / 25mm.  Yes, the magic of rain!

This week the Gaiter Girls retraced some of the December walk. Such a joy to have 'green' back again. [Same field as above.]

Sunrise - 5am, as I prepared to join the Gaiter Girls at Rebecca's home for our Tuesday walk.

Neil is Rebecca's husband and had offered to take us on local trails that we were unfamilar with. 

The estate we were walking through, consisted of acreage blocks of 2 to 5 acres.The developers, some 40 years ago, had wisely included corridors of land to be left untouched.

How wonderfully green was this view to the Albert River!

We were excited to learn from Neil, that this field beyond the creek, has been bought by the council to be developed as parkland, for the use of the community.

Sometimes we had to walk the quiet streets.

Someone's now full, backyard duck pond.

Note the mushrooms growing in a ring. We saw several of these.



From empty one week, to overflowing the next.

The final hill to Rebecca and Neil's home.

Even though we set out at 5.30 am, the heat and humidity was extremely debilitating. We should have known to bring our togs. Still, we managed to recover with chilled fruit, eaten with our feet dangling in the pool.

This city girl, but country born and bred, was in seventh heaven throughout this 11 kilometre walk. A simply marvellous morning in the Yatala 'bush'. Fresh country smells, cows, horses, sheep, ducks and noisy dogs, along with the magical green vistas across the paddocks. It was also a relief to know that the rain had been spreading itself far and wide and temporarily, the bushfire alerts had been downgraded.

Below is a photo collage of 1 week in January, in Australia.

Unstoppable bushfires.
A child in the west experiencing puddles for the 1st time.
Dust storms
Destructive hail in Canberra.

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  1. So happy to hear your country is getting some much-needed rain!

    1. So many people are rejoicing but drought still has a grip in too many places.

  2. IT's good that the rain is falling-- I know it won't fall everywhere it's needed, but... Another fun post!

    1. So true Bill. We keep our fingers crossed for those still desperate.

  3. So amazing what a bit of water can do. The landscape looks green, and those cattle are very happy (humans happy, too). Another fun walk with you!

    1. After the months of brown, I still feel exhilerated, each time I drive out into the country. More is expected in our area this coming week.

  4. So glad there was some rain!

  5. That green is such a marvellous sight.

    1. I hope you soon have some heavier falls, Joan.

  6. Greenery and beautiful skies and rain! How lovely!

  7. I am sure that all that greenery is a sight for sore eyes, and that the rain was a great relief for everyone. I have been following the progression of the fires quite closely, and just when it seems that they are really starting to tamp down they flare up anew. I don't know whether you follow Elephant's Child's blog, but she is in Canberra and fires are now ten kilometres from her home, and the smoke is making it difficult to go outside. And people tell me that February is usually the hottest month of the year. It is a catastrophe of major proportions for the entire world. And your prime minister, duly elected by Australian voters, wants to mine more coal. It boggles the mind.

  8. Canberra has had the worst air pollution in the world for over a month. It is in a basin. The smoke is trapped from their fires and from much further afield.

  9. Must be such a relief to see the rain, the green fields after the terrible dry spell and fires