Sunday, 6 October 2019

Enjoying Rural Prince Edward Island

21 June - 14 July

Glimpses from a moving car of this island's famous red soil, red sandy beaches, fields of potatoes and lush green pastures during our visit June / July 2019.

Nearly 13 km long, Confederation Bridge joining the island to mainland Canada.

East Point lighthouse

Stanhope and Rustico lighthouses.

Memorial to the Arcadian Fishermen of the early 1900's.

Great sign in all neighbourhoods.

The street in which our lovely Kim grew up in.

Yes, this whole island is as lush green as my photographs depict. Now visiting the island in autumn, this lush green is being enhanced by autumn's magnificent trees. As an Australian, this green is a joy to see.

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  1. These made me think of some places along the northern coast of California. What a lovely place this island is!

  2. The last time I visited PEI it was before the construction of the bridge and went over by ferry from Pictou, NS. It is indeed green and pleasant, Helen. Enjoy your stay in Canada.

  3. I most certainly am David. The autumn colours have me mesmerised.
    It is a very impressive bridge. During winter I love to watch the icefloe on the bridge webcam. Alas, it hasn't been working for several months.

  4. It looks like a beautiful and scenic place to visit!

    1. I am really going to miss its lush greens, when I return to the drought browns of home.

  5. The rural scenes are lovely!

  6. Wow that's quite the bridge! I'm happy you were able to visit in two seasons. I'm sure you are enjoying lots of quality time with that cute grandson.

  7. Oh how lovely! I hope the fall has been nice for you to experience.

  8. It most definitely has! About to post.