Saturday, 20 July 2019

Day 2 - Hiking along the Wye River

Wednesday 17 July

Our walks have all been guided by Ben Gile's very resourceful book, "Wye Valley - 40 Hill and Riverside Walks." Unfortunately today, much needed rain has set in, so I am taking the opportunity to relax in our cosy accommodation and catch up on blogging.

This walk was titled - 'King Arthur's Cave and the Seven Sisters'. The starting point being Howard Park Camp Ground, found by following a series of roads that got narrower and narrower. Not good for my nerves at all.

We were parked high above the Wye River. The trail meandered through lovely woodlands, along a series of limestone cliffs, past several caves, the last said to be King Arthur's Cave. In 1695, a goatherd discovered a large skelton lying with the remains of a spear. Local legend claims it was the body of King Arthur himself.

The journey down to the Wye begins.

First caves.

A magnificent old tree.

King Arthur's Cave.

The trail, continuing on past the cave. I loved this open woodland with its canopy of shimmering green trees.

The only glimpse of the valley below.

About a kilometre was along a gravel road, to the Biblins summer camp, gearing up to be ready for the summer holidays starting on the 19th.

Biblins Park, ahead.

The suspension bridge to take us across the Wye, to follow its bank to Symonds Yat.

This flat walk beside the river was a joy, with its tree canopy, sounds of the river's gentle flow, birds chirping but not seen, and an ever changing trail.

This poor little vole had a sad end.

The rapids here are perfect for canoeing. Not one seen, but by the weekend, I am sure that will change.

Symonds Yat

At Symonds Yat we had to wait 10 mins, until one of the bar staff of the Saracen Hotel was free to take us across on the hand pulled ferry.

Our ferryman returning to the opposite shore after taking us across the Wye.

The journey back up to the car commences.

Even the paths become narrower here.

The directions when we left the riverbank seemed foolproof, until we reached this unnegotiable closed road and footpath. Where to go????

We retraced our steps and found this public footpath and hoped for the best. 

There were quite a few intersecting trails, but thankfully our judgements proved correct and we found the all important 'old quarry with memorial stone'. We continued upwards without further panic.

Just prior to this hedge I caught a glimpse of a very pretty garden. I didn't like to stop and stare, as someone was relaxing there. A few steps later I could hear someone clipping the hedge and commented, through the hedge, that it was a hot job for the day. As a result, we had a most interesting 15 min conversation without seeing one another.

We soon found ourselves back at the car and returning, via the narrow lanes, back to our accommodation, Jollies of Goodrich. This had previously been the local shop.


Nine lovely kilometres hiked in warm humid conditions. Time for a snack and coffee, before heading out again.

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  1. That vole seemed big--- The neighbors' cats are always leaving a few for us in the driveway as presents-- but they are quite a bit smaller. I love the bridge, and the countryside. What a marvelous trip.

  2. Lovely shady woods, historic caves, a cool suspension bridge and ferry ride. Looks like a great outing!

  3. Very green - I love forest hiking. However, the humidity might do me in! Those lanes look so narrow for driving - I'd be nervous, too!

  4. That looks amazing. I kept thinking what a great trail run some of that would be.

  5. I, too, love the canopy of trees. I also enjoyed seeing the splashes of colorful flowers mixed in with all those shades of green found in the other photos. The ferry ride seemed interesting to this landlocked Kansan!

  6. Oh, I love love all the scenery. And that ferry is amazing.

  7. Another superb choice for a walk around the Wye. Looks like you didn't find the views from Seven Sisters Rocks - they are pretty difficult to find even though I've done this walk many times. A walk with a river, bouncy bridge and a ferry - pretty hard to beat :)

  8. I think that vole is a mole, Helen. Great walk you had.

    1. Thanks David. I just googled it and of course you are correct. The photos showed him as a most delightful little creature.