Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The Curiocity Trail

29 March

6am - 1st ferry of the day, to cross the Brisbane R to the Powerhouse and our first Curiocity creation.
The Powerhouse, once the cities power supply, is now a contemporary multi-arts, dining and conference venue.

Giant musical wave form

Bubbles at 6.30am! 
It had been Jenny's birthday and we wanted to celebrate with bubbles on the river, but we didn't want to carry the bottle all day. Sadly, Jenny had to miss the walk at the last moment.

Happy birthday Jenny!

Title - Something Fishy

We took the newly installed, awesome views lift to the cliff top, to gain access to the Story Bridge.
Entry and doors shutting.

Going up.

Cliff  top view of the city and Story Bridge.

Walking across the bridge.



Da Vinci's Dream - flight. By winding the handles the wings lifted into the air.

Drizzly rain had settled in, making for a grey walk beneath the Kangaroo Point Cliffs to Southbank, where the creations continued.

Fibronacci Spiral

Aquativity - someone's got to do it! This installation is permanent.


Crate Expectations - this appeared to move randomly across the floor. Different doors would open revealing a new scene. Children were spellbound.

Shadowgram - unfortunately there were technical problems, so we were unable to add our shadows to the wall.

9.30 and time for the $10 breakfast at The Casino.

Sky Brisbane


The trail complete, we walked along the riverbank of the Botanical Gardens to Riverside and a Citycat ferry back to the Powerhouse.

Damp but another wonderful day in Brisbane.

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  1. That looks like a really interesting exhibition. Vivid is on in Sydney at the moment but it all seems like too much trouble going down there waiting for the dark and getting home late at night. A shame because your exhibition has inspired me.

  2. So much fun and I love the art and your shots!

  3. What wonderful works of art, all along a scenic trail. Very cool! Lots of fun for you and your friends.

  4. Wow--- goldfish! And lots of other neat stuff! I like "Curiosity Trail".

  5. It was different "scenery" than your normal jaunts. But it was just as interesting to see all the art installments.

  6. I think that someone should have a stern talk to you girls. All this fun. Have you no sense of duty and obligation? Aren't you supposed to be doing something "useful?" Maybe in this day and age you should be sitting at home with your iPhone or something like that! All this getting out and having fun, fun, fun is just too much! But I tell you what, I am going to make you my poster group for how to live life! I swear that if someone writes a book on that very topic it will all be based on you. Bravo to all of you. You have my undiluted admiration. Now, I gotta get back to cleaning and reorganizing the garage! But Miriam is away in Iceland with her daughter and she will be both surprised and happy when she returns. I am looking forward to reading about your next outing.

  7. A very interesting exhibition by the looks... and a somewhat different hike for you all!

  8. I love to walk through a city landscape, always something interesting to look at