Wednesday, 19 June 2019

'Summer' in Ireland

A week ago today my husband and I flew into 'SUMMER' in Ireland. Thank goodness we had been checking the weather reports before our departure as the 9C, rain and wind on landing was not a friendly welcome.

We had left behind our 'winter' of 10C min and anything from 20 - 27 C max with, mostly crystal clear, blue skies behind.

A typical winter's day view, as just posted by my hiking friends.

Fortunately we were here to visit Frank's relatives in Galway.

Today, a week after our arrival, we did wake to  clear blue skies, but a temperature of 9C. By midday the sky was heavy with more scattered showers. The thermometer rose to 17C and then rapidly fell. This had been the pattern for the week, with an averge high of 14C. This phenomena has me fascinated. I just couldn't live with grey skies for so much of the year, but I guess you learn to cope with how it is.

Aside from the contrariness of the weather, our visit has been fabulous. We are now back in Dublin and fly to Prince Edward Island, my darling grandson, his Dad and Mum tomorrow. 

The camera is overloaded with the beauty of the Irish countryside. Its green fields, grazing cattle and sheep, rock walls, high hedgerows, narrow lanes, freshly mown hay, peat bogs, birds chirping, roses and the feast of colour from the widflowers beside the road and in the meadows constantly filled me with joy and wonderment. 

Steel yourself for a photo or two!

Our cottage and surrounding views.

Connemara in the background.

Can you spot the footholds for climbing over the wall?

I would love to read your comment.


  1. Love all the flowers and green! Despite the weather, looks like you had a great visit. Now enjoy that cute grandchild!

  2. Foxglove and ferns! Just like here. Mallards as well. Well we don't have stone fences and lovely cottages like those. What a delightful series of pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  3. All the moisture has made the vegetation and flowers absolutely breathtaking. What a beautiful place to visit! The hay bales reminded me of home (except for the rolling hills) and so did the cattle.

    Enjoy your time with your grandson and family!

  4. It's so green and the flowers look beautiful! I love the rolling countryside landscape. The weather obviously did not stop you. Have a wonderful time in PEI!

  5. Drop dead beautiful. The muted sky makes for lovely photos but can you imagine living in it when that is summer! The temps you described are pretty much what we are experiencing for winter at the moment but with clear blue skies rather than grey.

  6. What beautiful, lush countryside!

  7. No wonder everything looks so lush - it gets watered every day! Those lanes look narrow. That little donkey is very cute. Glad you'll be visiting your Grandson and Family. Have fun!

  8. Nice that you are moving on to Prince Edward Island, Helen - from one beautiful island to another. If you happen to drift over to southern Ontario during your visit to Canada be sure to get in touch.

  9. Despite the fact that Ireland has been on my doorstep over the water for all my life, I've never been! I really should put that right at some point!