Monday, 9 April 2018

Just the best Three days - Part 2

Thursday 22 March

To recap - Day 1 was with the kangaroos and koalas.
                 Day 2 was hiking in the rain and jumping in puddles.

On day 3, I offered to drive a friend to Cabarita to visit a friend for the day. My plan was to sit on Norries Headland with a coffee, to recover from the drive down, and then to take myself hiking along the coastline.

Cabarita was where, back in mid-February, when camping with my friends Jocelyn and Leanne, I watched the sunrise from Norries Headland.

The pink glow of sunrise that morning.

Our sunrise viewpoint. I now realise the reason for the wooden tiers. Not for sunrise, but to whale watch from June to November. I will return.

Shortly before our arrival in Cabarita, the heavens opened, and I thought I might be sitting in the car with a book all day. The weather Gods were kind.

The view north, as I arrived at the headland with my coffee.

View south.

My viewpoint was just under the trees on the right.

It didn't take me long to decide that I really didn't have to force myself to spend the day hiking. Why not just stop and smell the roses. In this case, sit and watch the drama of the waves all day.

I did take a short 5 k walk. The arrow indicates the view of 'my spot'!

Coffee view - ominous.

Seagulls facing the wind, seen on my stroll.

Sunnier skies when I returned to my perch.

I was to collect my friend at 3pm. This rain cloud spotted at 2.30, had me wondering if I would have to make a dash earlier.

Getting closer. 
The gods were kind again, but we drove home in heavy rain, both feeling very contented with how our day had been spent.

Happiness is definitely sitting on a rock watching the waves all day.

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  1. Coffee and amazing views - a great way to spend the day!

  2. That is gorgeous and I'm sure it was an ever-changing, ever-evolving scene. I am in awe of the ocean, probably because I don't get to see it all that often.

  3. "Happiness is definitely sitting on a rock watching the waves all day."
    Well, yes - that sounds good to me!

  4. What a wonderful place--- and what wonderful images you have captured. Thanks for sharing! you TWO tulips for this post!

  5. How fortunate to be so close to the ocean!

  6. You picked the best viewing spot! I love the colorful rocks and, of course, the surf.

  7. You certainly know how to appreciate life! Beautiful skies and scenery.

  8. Oh, what gorgeous views! I too could watch the drama of the waves and clouds all day. :)
    Thank you for sharing! xx

  9. I find sitting and just watching the sea, mesmeric and relaxing. I feel more relaxed already just reading your post