Monday, 12 February 2018

My Frustrating, Blue Feathered Friend

This is the view through the window beside my desk, where I am constantly interrupted by the twittering of a blue wren and his two female companions. I am ever hopeful that he will sit still long enough for me to enjoy his beauty and even better, to capture that beauty with my camera. Success is rare, but I continue to live in hope.

This is the loud twittering that disrupts and has me regularly peering out the window and often, reaching for the camera. The hen was happy to pose for me. [All the pics have been taken through the window.]

This morning when I walked in, I spotted him sitting under the hedge.
Now you see him. Now you don't.

Seconds later.

The blurry images.

When I walked outside to try my luck, the hen flew up and rested on the power line.

Three of my more successful images.

We have lived in this home for almost eleven years now, but it is only in the last year, that the wrens have become residents in our garden.
 I've also noticed that their twittering is also more prevalent in the shrubbery, the length of my 8 kilometre morning walk. I don't understand why they are now prolific, but it adds joy to the walk, especially if there is an occasional sighting. I'm ever hopeful of the perfect capture!


  1. Beautiful birds! I know it's so hard to capture them with a camera.

  2. Wonderful captures... I've never seen anything like the male before.

  3. Your little male wren is playing hide and seek with you. It must be fun to both hear and see them flitting about. Your garden is lovely - mine is under snow!

  4. What an astonishing bird! Our Wrens are very different, although equally elusive, perhaps even more so. The difficulty of getting a decent photo will eventually be offset by the great satisfaction you feel when you finally do capture one. That's what I tell myself at least.

  5. Stunning little bird and a noisy one too! I remember the joy of the colour and sounds of the bird life when we visited Queensland, especially the morning chorus. One of my abiding memories of our trip

  6. We have some red birds in the backyard on occasion, but I can't capture those in photos either. Thanks for sharing the sound effects!

  7. We have lots of wrens around our farm and they are just a delight. They make me smile every time I hear them.