Friday, 22 December 2017

Happy Christmas

Well, it seems like the hot and sweaty weather has returned just in time for Christmas Down Under. The forecast at this point is for the hottest Christmas Day in 10 years and the possibility of an evening thunderstorm.
My husband is English and so we always have a hot roast dinner with yorkshire pudding. Yes, and in the middle of the day!

During the past week, I have been carol singing with my theatre choir at 3 different venues, singing of sleigh bells ringing, walking in a winter wonderland and frosty the snowman. The temperature just seems to get hotter as we sing.

Below is our group singing at the Salvation Army carol night. The time is 7pm. It doesn't quite fit the traditional image of carol singers on a Christmas card.


Last night we sang at a retirement village. On the drive home I detoured to visit this amazing Christmas light display. Snow was everywhere, but not the real kind!

Mid-week the hiking girls took ourselves to the city to have a Christmas drink, visit the enchanted Botanical Gardens, watch the Myer parade and the laser show on our city hall. A wonderful evening with the thronging happy crowds creating a Christmasy atmosphere.





So whether you celebrate Christmas Day in the heat or cold, my wish is that your home will be filled with loved ones and your heart with peace and happiness.  

To my regular readers, who I now count as friends, I thank you for your comments and support and for the joy your blogs bring to me, throughout the year.


Happy Christmas to all and only the best of surprises throughout the New Year!


  1. Oh those lights are so pretty! I'm sure you are used to warm Christmases, but it would seem weird to me not to have cold temps and snow on Christmas (however our snow is usually only in the mountains) Best wishes for a happy Christmas to you and your family! :)

  2. Thank you Linda. I think I'm the only person who gets excited when the forecast is for rain. At least I know it will be cooler. Sadly not very nice for the campers and beach goers! I hope that toe lets you back on the slopes soon.

  3. Summertime Christmas! Well. Winter or Summer, I hope it's a wonderful time for my friend, Helen!

  4. Thank you Bill. I wish the same for you and Laura and if you happen to take a walk in the snow, please throw a snowball or two for me.

  5. I love looking at the Christmas lights. Beautiful.
    Merry Christmas Helen.

  6. I spent a few winters in Florida so I can imagine the lack of snow, and I'm sure it doesn't seem strange since you live there! Would be nice to hike at Christmas for sure!

  7. Gorgeous lights and shots! Hoping you have had a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Belated Happy Xmas to you and the family Helen :)