Thursday, 20 April 2017

Serene Daybreak - Tweed Heads

I wish I was a morning person, as I know I miss so much of the beauty of the early morning hours.

On Easter Sunday morning, I thankfully, partially woke about 5.30. I forced myself to look through the curtains to check the day and was greeted by a molten sky. I was immediately awake, donning clothes and jumping on my bicycle for the 3 km ride to Snapper Rocks.

My view of the Tweed River inlet on the way.

I was racing to catch the sunrise. This surfer had another wave on his mind.

The ensuing time spent looking to the east was sheer bliss, as the sky danced with ever changing colour and the waves sluggishly rolled in, dumping their full load in spectacular fashion, time after time.

Surfers, watching for the next good swell.

They didn't have to wait long. It was exhilarating to watch. How must it feel to actually catch a wave.

This is the scene I watched time and time again.

The aftermath.

Rainbow Bay is to the left of Snapper Rocks [above] and as I cycled home, gave a much calmer scene.

Alas, someone hadn't had a successful morning.

Midmorning I returned to the next bay to have a swim with my son. [Coolangatta Beach] 
What an awesome view, as we headed into the surf. With a water temperature of 22C and air temperature of 25C, we were surrounded by laughing, swimming, diving, body boarding, happy holiday makers.

Just 2 weeks since our devastating floods, this weather couldn't have been more perfect. 
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  1. More stunning photos. I'm not a morning person either so rarely see a sunrise. I was thankful that when we visited Queensland, jet-lag had me awake before sunrise and I stuck with that plan the whole trip. I was up at sunrise every day (luckily it was winter so it wasn't that early) and saw the sunrise almost every day for a month - happy memories

    1. It really is a beautiful time of day. Our sunsets can be pretty special too, but there is always something to be done at that time of day, so one isn't able to fully relax and enjoy.

  2. These are wonderful shots---- I intend to come back to them again to do some wishful thinking!

  3. Those sunrise photos are spectacular! Totally worth getting up early for!

  4. What utterly magical scenes!

  5. Oh, what a wonderful mornin'! Oh, what a wonderful day!
    Everything looks perfect indeed. I have never tried surfing, except windsurfing. :) The feeling must be gorgeous.
    Have a happy weekend!

  6. Early morning is indeed a magnificent time before all the hustle and bustle. Sometimes the duvet is just a little too comfortable though.
    Your captures are amazing and they were well worth the early rise!!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday Helen :)

  7. I'm not a morning person either and as a result I have only managed to photograph about 5 sunrises since I bought my camera in 2012. Early morning definitely is a gorgeous time!!
    For some reason, I always assumed you lived in Brisbane. You definitely live in a gorgeous part of SE Qld!

  8. I was staying in my sister- in-law's home at Tweed Heads. I'm at Mt Warren Park.

    1. Ahh... That makes sense! :)

  9. Answer: Yep, westbound. Vantage point is on the Oregon side, looking at the Washington side as the BNSF train is heading west to the setting sun. At least i think I'm answering.... Bill

    1. Thanks Bill. I was just asking 'tongue in cheek', as we say here, as the engines were opposing one another.

  10. Hello again, Helen! Thank you for your comment and happy weekend to you.
    The second photo of this post is so beautiful that I'm almost crying. :)