Monday, 25 April 2016


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Two weeks ago I had 3 skin biopsy's after a full body check for skin cancers. Thursday I had an appointment at 10.30 am to get the results and surgery no 1, if necessary. The Gang and I  had had a lovely walk in Victoria Park on Wednesday, but I was determined to get up early and do my 8 km, hilly circuit on Thursday morning, just in case I was not to be allowed to be out and about after my visit.

It was a lovely clear morning with just a hint of cool in the air. The birds seemed to be greeting me every step of the way. Of course they rarely stay long enough for me to get a photo of their beauty.

Some shots of the morning.
 Eucalyptus blossom.

           Magpie Lark or Pee Wee

There seems to be large flocks of crows around at present. Not my favourite bird because of their raucous, repetitious call. On this occasion, they too seemed to be filled with the joy of the morning and we got along just fine.

        Seeding bullrushes  

      Grass flowers

I walk this track at least 3 times a week. Only today do I observe a nasty scar on the distant ridge.
Alas, yet another rural, lifestyle development on the go.

10.30 arrived and the good news is that only 2 of the three have to be removed. The face is fine. The right calf can wait until June, but the left shin must be done immediately. I don't usually procrastinate, but I have been counting down the days to my visit to my son in Canada, in just under 4 weeks and don't want anything to spoil the time with him. After some discussion with my skin specialist, who I hold in high regard, the surgery went ahead. My job now is to keep off it and keep it elevated for 4 days. The stitches will be in for 2 weeks, so definitely no walking for some time.

Thursday night was the 99% full moon, just on sunset. My favourite time of day, but I didn't venture out. I was quite pleased with what I managed from the lounge floor.
Suddenly appearing through the pool fence.
Playing games

I don't expect that there will be much happening here for the next few weeks. Enjoy the great outdoors for me.


  1. Sorry you're laid up for awhile, but better safe than sorry! Here's hoping for a very speedy recovery.

    1. Thanks Linda. I'm being extremely cautious, as I want to make the most of my time in Banff and Portland areas.

  2. Bom dia e boa semana, o mais importante é a sua recuperação, escolheu uma excelente selecção de fotos que encantam, as mesmas revelam a sua enorme força interior para superar o seu problema na na pele.

    ATT: gostava de seguir esta sua bela pagina, mas não encontrei como o fazer.

    1. Obrigado por seus comentários gentis. Estou feliz que você gosta de nossas caminhadas . Estou desesperada com computadores para que meu blog é muito básico. Eu não tenho um link "seguir" . Espero que isso se traduz de modo que você possa compreender minhas palavras.

  3. Gosh Helen! I am sorry to hear this. Do take care and hope you heal quickly.

  4. Lovely photos, Helen! I too wish you a speedy recovery.
    Now do rest that then you can take great photos during your trip to Canada! :)

  5. Yes--- rest up. There is much to see in the future. Nice shots.

  6. Time to put your feet up, but only temporarily as Canada is not far away. Wishing you a very speedy recovery.

  7. Margot, walking buddy, had the same surgery on her left shin. Her stitches came out last Friday. Today she fell on an escalator and split one incision. Rushed to ER. Another 15 stitches has pulled it back together. I am being even more cutious!

  8. Well, I do hope it will get better soon. I have found a skin specialist that knows how to recognise skin cancers in Paris so I get checked once a year. So far so good. Having left Australia at the age of 22, I seem to have escaped the aftermath of some of those bad sunburns I had as a child.
    Your moon photos are stunning.

  9. Thanks Rosemary. Stitches out yesterday and the Doctor happy with the healing. Now not to bump it. I have another spot on my right leg to be removed when I get back from Banff. I hate missing out on so much walking.

  10. Great moon shots from your lounge room, Helen!
    I've had 3 skin cancers removed this year... the most recent on my chest, adding another inch to a scar from one removed 3 years ago! I hope yours heals well.

  11. Thanks Liz. I've got another big one on my right leg. It will be removed when I return from Canada. A nuisance but better off than on.