Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A Bit of This and That from Down Under.

To better enjoy the photos, please click on them to increase their size.

On the evening of the 9th of April, I stepped outside just as darkness was falling and was delighted to discover the new moon. My first photo was taken at 6 pm and the 2nd at 6.15 pm.

The following morning I was up early to help lead a 'Camino' walking group on their monthly get together, a 7 km walk around Enoggera Reservoir.

This Sunday past, I was relaxing with a good book in our lounge room. A disturbance outside had me glance up. I was surprised to discover a Shag had just dived into the pool and was then preening his feathers on the pool edge. Shags are regularly spotted diving into the golf course ponds, however a bird of this size in our pool, was most unusual. It is not unusual however, to see small birds splashing in and out of the pool. Thankfully the Shag was in no hurry to fly off.

The forecast almost everyday has been for showers, but the clouds haven't received the message. Last Tuesday morning the sky was heavy when I woke. I quickly checked the radar and became quite excited. I took a photo of the computer image to send to a friend in Ireland, however yet again, the rain managed to bi-pass us. 10 drops at best! [ red spot - Beenleigh]

I am fascinated by the people and their lifestyles in the Australian outback. I have read many books of station life, but I still find Australia's vastness quite inconceivable. I'm sure you too will find the following article, about a cattle station in the far north, taken from the Weekend Australian, equally so.

This map overly appeared on my facebook this week and gives some perspective, remembering that our population is only just 23 million.

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  1. The first two images are my favourites. Wonderful silhouettes!
    I hope you will get some rain soon.
    The map in the last photo is very interesting. I actually thought Australia would be bigger when compared to Europe! :)
    In this map we stayed just outside Australia. Hugs from near the letter "d"! :D

  2. The moon silhouette is wonderful. And so is the shag.

  3. Nice moon shots! That's quite the bird that landed by your swimming pool.

  4. I loved that you could see the silhouette of the whole moon. And what a beautiful visitor you had! Wasn't it nice that he cooperated and gave you a chance to get a few photos!