Sunday, 23 November 2014

Short walk - Byron Bay

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Wednesday 5 November saw Margot, Laurel and I setting off very early to deliver Laurel's mother to Mullimbimby [Northern New South Wales] to spend the day with a good friend she rarely sees.
Our initial plan was to then hike the Minyon Falls track, but we were delayed when we accepted a delicious morning tea and guided walk around this 80 year old's amazing garden.

We are a very flexible group and, so long as we are somewhere out in the great outdoors, we are not overly concerned about distance covered. Plan B was to drive to Byron Bay [20 mins], park at Clarks Beach and follow the trail to Byron Bay Lighthouse. When we discovered that street parking is now $4 and hour, we almost went for plan C.

The lighthouse stands on a bald, rocky, headland above the bay. With its precipitous cliffs on the eastern side having a sheer drop of 100 metres, it is quite a strenuous climb to it from Wategos Bay.

Cape Byron Lighthouse completed in 1901, is the most easterly lighthouse in Australia and one of the most powerful.

Gleaming, white, tiny-grained sand and clear turquoise water stretched before us, as we crested the sand dune from the car park.

Idly walking in perfect sunshine, we soon had to leave the beach. Unfortunately we soon discovered that the trail along the lower rocky headland was closed. Road walking to Wategoes Bay ensued.

Our efforts were rewarded when we arrived at this secluded bay, by the creative flair of both young and old.

Is this little toddler about to create another master piece?

Maybe some day!

I've since discovered, that 'Craig' regularly creates Yin and Yang Spiral Art on the beach. He has chosen these symbols as they are not religious, just spiritual, and this way they won't offend anyone.
They were completed on our return.

On reaching the lighthouse, we had spectacular views of Australia's most easterly coastline from its most easterly point. Alas, today the dolphins didn't dance in the waves and it was too late to spot the southern migrating whales. 

Laurel was determined to spot something on the horizon - a new island! A moving new island! Even my 30x optical zoom shot didn't convince her. Thankfully a ranger came to my rescue and now the mapping charts are able to remain the same!

There's always lots of laughter on our hikes 'down under' and today in this brilliant sunshine was no exception.

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  1. Such beautiful beaches and shoreline! I love the sand art. Any day spent outside is a good day indeed.

  2. A lighthouse, the ocean, sand art, sunshine! You had it all!