Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Return to Daisy Hill Forest Park

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A 6.30am start to our walk today in Daisy Hill Forest was a wise decision, but we still returned 3 hours later dripping with sweat and red faces. Sadly the forest was dressed in its drought colours, however we were still able to find beauty in its stately trees, colourful peeling bark, wildlife and the unexpected wildflower.
 Seed pods and flat path

    Numerous steep inclines

                    Dry creek beds

                       Contained bushfire.

 Teasing dark clouds and the occasional rain droplets.

                       Winding trail

    Several wallabies were spotted, along with a small blue kingfisher, goanna and noisy cockatiels.

The picnic tables were empty and forlorn in this brown landscape.
   On our return journey we walked several suburban streets to enter the Springwood Environment reserve to return to our cars. The physical features of this area were surprisingly different to that of Daisy Hill Forest, such a short distance away. 
This stunning native flower took our attention. Blossoming at the end of a long lanky stem, it appeared to emerge from a reedlike plant. I wonder if anyone can identify it for me.

Throughout the month of October we have gasped at the mauve beauty of the jacaranda trees. Now the brilliance of the red of the poinciana's, jolts our senses each time we spot one, especially after exiting the dry brown forest.

Hiking 'down under' in summer is always going to be a hot, sweaty business, but I sincerely hope that drought breaking rain soon arrives for the good of the wildlife and farmers. 

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  1. I love your last two photos. Hope you get some rain real soon!

  2. Just enjoyed the warmth of your post as I prepare for another day here!