Friday, 16 May 2014

Why I love to live where I live!

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Over the last few weeks we have experienced glorious autumn weather. Crisp blue skies and balmy temperatures, brilliant sunrises and sunsets.
The ponds on the golf course below our home attract an abundance of birdlife for our enjoyment throughout the year, but particularly so in the past few weeks.
There are occasionally a pelican or two, but recently these numbers increased to 10 - 18 on several mornings. Their graceful feeding dance is unbelievably beautiful and impossible to tear ones self away from, to make it to work on time.
Last Saturday at 6 am a pink glow from our bedroom window had me leaping out of bed and grabbing the camera. The sunrise was forgotten, as one flock after another of pelicans circled and glided into land on the ponds. I was stunned as I witnessed at least 50 pelicans dancing and feeding. Alas the golf mower came by and a rapid departure was made after only half an hour. It all happened so quickly that I was unable to focus my lens as they ran across the water, furiously flapping their wings for take off.
Today my husband witnessed 3 black swans exploring the golf course in front of our house. It is rare to see them, but they can be infrequently spotted in the wetlands in a nearby suburb.
 I do hope they will return for me tomorrow.

How could I not love where I live 'down under," when I am able to regularly step out my back door and feast my eyes on nature's innumerable wonders.

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  1. How great to be able to see all this bird life right outside your window? Nice sunrise photos.

  2. Yes Linda. We moved here 7 years ago and there is not a day goes passed that I don't forget how blessed we are to have this view. And someone always does the mowing for us!!!

  3. Great post, Helen. And your photos are lovely!

    1. Thank you for dropping by Linda. It is wonderful having nature on our doorstep.

  4. OMG I love where you live too! Photo #4 is out of this world crazy beautiful!