Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sunshine Coast Walk - Day 3 and 4

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We didn't rush this morning, as we knew we had less than 20 km to complete on day 3, having broken the back of the distance over the previous 2 days. This was another negative of the route, as there were no walking distances signed. Our estimations were a tad out, but did fit in with available accommodation.
Again we were fortunate to have an exclusive breakfast view. Can't beat fresh air, blue skies and the background music of the ebb and flow of waves.


Our distance was less, but the view still appeared just as far. Just as well we had created 2 mottos:-
'It is not the distance, it is the journey! '
It might be heavy but it isn't a load!

The heels were feeling a little tender on waking, so I had taken the precaution of covering them before putting on my shoes. After breakfast we set off quite positively, but just a few kms down the road I was adding blister pack covers to my heels, as the discomfort gradually increased. These early kms were beside the David Low H'way where it passed through bushland and as the traffic wasn't too busy, was not unpleasant. Eventually the path turned right towards the ocean. For a number of kms we walked local leafy streets and became experts at commending and condemning the various architectual  and landscaping styles. This took our mind off our feet until around midmorning, when we found a park in Marcoola, where we were able to put them up.

Our change of shoes and being back on designated Coastal Trail, made the remainder of the walk to Sunshine Beach more relaxed. 

 Scenic coastal trail.

 Numerous coastal views as we walked. Here we were able to see to as far back as Mooloolaba. [Definitely need to click on this one.]

 Closer lens view.

We were quite surprised when we arrived at Sunshine Beach, that the time was only just 1 o'clock. We had completed 16 kms. The small shopping precinct had a number of eateries to choose from and again we were not disappointed with our

It was just a short distance from here to the Backpackers we had booked into. Initially we were taken aback by the hot pink everywhere, but it was clean, comfortable and friendly.

Our plan was to keep our feet up for the rest of the day, but when we discovered there was a free shuttle bus into Noosa, we hastily gathered our things to relax on Noosa's sandy beach. What a great decision.

Day 4 and our final leg of only 14 kms. This time we walked into Noosa and enjoyed a lazy breakfast under the shady pandamus of the main beach. The view was to die for. [walk for!]

The magnificent morning accompanied us all the way to Tewantin, where we bought a pie to eat in a park overlooking the river. 

 Now which house is it? Just kidding!

 Celebration! 90 kms completed.

Margot's wonderful friend Faye not only gave us a bed for the night, but she had this foot spa ready on our arrival. Their amazing hospitality that evening was the icing on the cake of our fulfilling 4 day adventure.

Her husband was up at 6am to drive us to Cooroy to catch the 6.35 am train to Brisbane.
It had rained overnight, so trees were dripping and mists were swirling. The views from the train were just as superb as as on the previous days, thus extending our feelings of exuberance for what we had achieved.
9.30 saw us arrive at platform 1, Fortitude Valley. We alighted and caught separate trains to Fairfield and Beenleigh, with plans for a 5 day coastal walk in NSW, high on our list of things to do!

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  1. What a great adventure! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of this--- I especially loved the one with the ladybug!

  3. They're interesting mushrooms. Is that the way they grow? In a little huddle on the grass? And it really is a ladybird and not beetle? How big are the mushrooms?

  4. Thank you all for dropping by. This is the 1st time I've come across mushrooms this size and clumped. It was on a coastal suburban street. The ladybird accompanies me on all my outings. I use my photos to create cards to sell for Cancer research. A friend had a friend who loved lady birds. Sadly she passed away from breast cancer, so I was asked to make cards of any I photographed. Alas they are rarely spotted or far too small for my camera, so this little one is the model. The mushrooms were a good handspan in size.

  5. WOW Helen, that was quite the adventure and accomplishment. I don't know how you even got your footwear on, on the second day, after all the kilometers you covered on Day 1. What a fun thing to share doing with your friend. Congratulations to you both!

    1. Thank you Alexandra. The weather was mostly perfect, the views were soothing giving one that, 'so glad to be alive feeling!' It certainly gave me a great feeling of accomplishment and I can't wait for the next expedition.