Monday, 3 March 2014

Dave's Creek Circuit - Binna Burra, Lamintgon National Park.

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Wednesday 26 February saw Jenny, Margot and I driving yet another windy road to Binna Burra Mountain Lodge, the starting point for today's revised walk. We are becoming quite adept at revising our plans and even  though the expected 12 km's stretched to 19 km's, we did not for one moment regret the decision.

My notes did not explain that the circuit required to walk 3.5 km's before it's commencement. What a wonderful walk it turned out to be, with nature creating amazing artistic displays. The rainforest canopy overhead was thick, but filtered the sun ray's in such a way that the green of the tall, spreading tree ferns, glistened and gave a great feeling of space, unlike on some of our previous walks.

Before we could venture far, we had to clean our footwear for the protection of the flora and fauna. This is the 1st time we have met with this system.

Algae and moss

Fungi floral displays

 Perfect mushroom

These seeds have often been seen on our walks, but the name of this spectacular, red beaded shrub remains elusive.

Halfway through the hike, we found ourselves walking along the edge of an escarpment with panoramic vista's to both the north and east. Both the flora and fauna noticeably changed. The rainforest receded and low mallee shrubs gave us protection from the sun. 

Time and again we jumped, as the flicker of a receding, black, scaly tail slithered into the bushes. Thankfully not a snake's tail, but just very fat, healthy skinks disturbed as they sunned themselves. The fatter ones didn't even bother to move their eyelids.

Our lunch view over the Nuninbah valley would be difficult to beat. Alas cushions weren't provided, so finding the rocks a tad hard to sit on, we didn't linger. We still had Mt Surprise to conquer! 

 Path along the rear of Mt Surprise.

 We didn't quite achieve this point.

 The base of the above pic.

As we neared the end of the circuit, we again returned to damper, thicker forest. We were again in awe of the massive Brushbox trees.

 Once we got closer to this gentle giant we knew we just had to give it a hug!!!
Another had enormous roots. On looking back we discovered it was burnt out, but still surviving.

Not sure when this giant fell, but it was hollow for much of its length.

Our trio were in total agreement that this was yet another superb 'walk down under with friends'. It was a bonus that there was no rain or leeches.
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  1. No rain, no leeches and no Laurel. I think I see a pattern.

  2. Please don't take it to heart!

  3. from PC! Must be an ipad glitch....
    Another wonderful day walking and captured beautifully, Helen.. :)

  4. Yay!!! Thanks Jenny. Many more mountains to climb!