Wednesday, 5 March 2014

4 Girls and One Bloke

The story of our adventure to Maialia National Park, February 19, as told by the BLOKE!

4 girls and one bloke 

One hot and muggy  summer  morn.   
4  girls  and one bloke set out at dawn.    
Through the traffic, we made our way. 
To conquer  Mount Glorious, and have a great day. 

Meandering around the valleys and hills. 
Past Ashgrove , The Gap, and   winding hills. 
All of us jovial, joking and thrilled, 
Excitement rising, as walking is billed.   

 One false start doesn’t dampen the spirits, 
Or shake Helen’s pride, not even a little 
It just keeps her focussed on the day ahead,   
girls  and  one  bloke,to the  forest  we sped.   

Anticipation rises, and thoughts fill our minds,  
Of frogs, snakes and leeches, of creatures, all kinds 
Nothing will stop this intrepid band. 
As we steel  ourselves to the day at hand. 
First things first on this trek it seems. 
A cup of coffee and a cake of dreams. 
Fruit and nuts, and all things nice. 
Nothing to chance as we commence ourhike.   
The time has come to move along 
Poles and shoes, repellent,(no thongs!)   
All the gear needed for a successful walk 
Deep in the forest  mid bird songs and talks       
Armed with cameras,   off we go. 
Down the track, to and fro. 
Making our way to a waterfall 
“Who will lead us?”was the call. 

We zig and we  zag  as the track winds on 
Down the hill we all  move along. 
Laughing and banter,  all comes into play 
4 girls and one bloke,  on a  great trekking day. 

A log ‘cross a gully, what an awesome sight, 
Will we climb it? We just might! 
Help up and down with camera in hand.
Nothing would stop this merry band. 

The waterfall conquered, now up we go, 
Long hard walk, a mile or so. 
The thought of coffee and cake moves us on, 
Back to the car park, the hike almost half gone. 

Lunch and a rest, and more cake of dreams 
Back down the track, a fire tree to see. 
Uphill, down dale, past cliffs and great views, 
Oh what a trek!  Oh what a crew! 

Walking, and winding, panting, and “phew.” 
Climbing and sweating, will we make it through? 
“Of cause we will!” was the cry, 
Nothing will stop us, we dig deep as we sigh. 

Past the fire tree with views to the lake, 
Around mighty cliffs, good time we make. 
On and on,  4 girls and one bloke, 
On to the finish, our feet crave to be soaked.   

No slimy leech, no snake in the grass, 
No four legged skink, or toad as we pass 
Nothing encountered will keep us away,  
From conquering Mount Glorious this hot sunny day. 

Back at the car park all tired and spent. 
Thrilled and elated for the day as it went. 
We conquered the glorious, hard walking tracks, 
Sighted the views, and bent our backs.   

This is my memory of that great day, 
4 girls and one bloke, as we went on our way.  
Back to the traffic, back to the grind, 
Our trekking together will stay my mind. 

Written by Jim Cullen.

Thank you Jim for making a special day even more special!

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