Sunday, 3 November 2013

What not to miss in SW Western Australia - Part One

                                                      To better enjoy the photos, please click on them to increase their size.

1. Her long, empty, straight roads with vistas of rolling, green wheat and glistening, yellow canola      

2. The dominating peak of Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges. One of the highest peaks in WA with a 4    
    to 5 hour hike to its peak and back. Alas the hike didn't fit into our time frame, but we did enjoy the  
    views from the trail head.

3. Porongurup National Park with its granite balancing rocks, suspended walkway and vast views.

4. The 2700 million year old, 110 m long and 14 m high wave of the Hyden Rock.

5. The Tin Highway and other sculptures - what the wheat farmers do while waiting for the wheat to grow!


And local history in sculpture.

6. King George Sound, Albany, especially at sunrise.

7. The Denmark River guarded by ghost gums at Denmark.

8. A herd of elephants bathing in the calm, clear waters of the Southern Ocean in William Bay National   

9. Walking amongst the tree tops of the majestic Kauri gums, on the tree top walk, in the Valley of the     

11. Sunrise visit to the 60 m tall Kauri - The Gloucester Tree - at Pemberton. This tree was once one of thirteen 'eye in the sky' trees for the forestry fire service.

12. Bi-centennial Tree, 15 min drive from Pemberton - 75 m high and another of the 'eye in the sky'

 Road in.

13. Just outside Manjimup we were in awe of the girth of the King Jarrah gum.

14. The reflections at One Tree Bridge, the foaming rush of the Blackwood River and its tranquil arrival at Augusta are not to be forgotten.

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