Friday, 15 November 2013

Dance of the Pelicans

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7 years ago my family was fortunate to purchase a new home, with views across the fairways and ponds of the Mt Warren Golf Course. Not a day goes past that I'm not thankful. Sadly, Frank is unable to play because of sporting injuries and I only occasionally get out with my sons. Golf however, was not the drawcard for the purchase of this home. It is the open space, ever changing beauty of the ponds, sunrises and sunsets that have me spell bound. So often chores are left undone as I enjoy the panoramas before me.



Early morning

Wintery morning

Rainy day

After the rain

Australia Day flood

 Full height of flood

Occasionally a lone pelican will drift in for a quick visit. This year the visits have been more frequent and I have been delighted to spot 2 or even 3 visiting.

Last week my neighbour was up with the sun and walking around the ponds and was stunned to count 30 pelicans enjoying the tanquil waters. Alas she did not have her camera with her. Three days later on my day off work, I looked out and spotted about 10 on the pond nearest to our home. I quickly checked for the presence of golfers, gabbed my tripod and camera and started snapping. It was the most beautiful half hour watching them as they glided in formation, formed a circle and then in unison raised their wings and dipped their long beaks beneath the surface for the tasty morsels that must have been in abundance. They would then stretch their necks, glide back into formation and repeat the process.

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  1. Are you serious? These are views from your home? WOW

  2. How cool! I love that you can see pelicans from the comfort of home.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. 'Wow' is what I think each day Alexandra. We had been searching for 3 months and this magically became ours when our friends and now neighbours rang to say a 'For Sale' was just being hammered in. We had the contract for it by the end of the day.

  4. Hi Helen - Its Nichole here. It's so awesome to see that you too are a fellow blogger. In answer to the question you had re how I have recently been displaying my images - I have a few ways up my sleeve. One is via photoshop where I create a layout then save it as a jpeg file. The other (and this is a bit of cheating on my part!!!) is by using the proof files from the photo books I have made of our adventures thus far. I use an online service called photo book Canada which I am in love with. Thankfully they also have an affiliated organisation in Australia which I will use on my return next year. Give them a google. Thank you for your lovely comments by the way.

  5. Hi Nichole. Thanks for your comments. I thought they may have been from photo books. Just awesome. I'll check the site out. Enjoy the remainder of the exchange.