Monday, 21 October 2013

Historical York

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One of the highlights of our Western Australian holiday was finally catching up with Frank's English mate Pete, who lives in the wonderful, historical country town of York, just 100 k's east of Perth. It is a heritage listed town. It was 1st settled by pastoralists and sandalwood cutters in the 1830's and quickly grew in the 1880's, when gold was discovered further east at Kalgoorlie.


 Being winter, with a mediterranean climate, the Avon River was in full spat. It was most enjoyable hiking along its shores, wildflower spotting.

Staying with Pete and Jenny was especially enjoyable for me with my country background.
Foggy start to a beautiful day.

Animals to feed.

 Katie, the pet kangaroo.

Eggs to collect.

Wood to chop.

 and a very warm house to return to!

There was much laughter as the men reminisced about their youthful days.

Time was spent exploring the town, its coffee shops, museums and viewing the well preserved historical buildings. 

 Post office clock

Once the hospital, now a private residence.

 Catholic church

 Beautiful pubs.

Most of SW Western Australia survives on it's wheat and sheep farming.

We enjoyed pleasant drives through the surrounding countryside with
panoramic views of lush green wheat and golden canola fields, gently rolling to the horizon,
streams to explore and other streams to wonder just how long the water will stay in them.

 I was amazed at the proliferation of Grass Trees in WA. To find them growing on pasture land, was most surprising. 

Meeting Pete and Jenny's creative friends was an experience not to be missed.
Penny and Kim grow olives organically on their property, which is dotted with discarded pianos. This one even managed a discordant melody. 

They designed and built their home using local rock and a variety of disused materials.   Kim is lifting the lid on his BBQue.

Another friend could quite easily be the guest on Grand Designs Australia with the home he is creating just outside York.

 Lee is a friend, who has collected an eclectic range of Australian memorabilia. I spent a special hour walking through his garden discovering so many elements from my childhood. The TV program 'Australia's Best Backyard' presented from here several years ago. Over a 'cuppa', he mesmerised us with  endless yarns of his fascinating life. Quite 'The Larikin'!

n Inside 'The Saltbush Shack'

I loved the quaint cottages of York.

1850 Pensioner cottage

 Bears in the trees?!!!

Finally, this photo of emerging wisteria blossom, captures the peace and tranquility of our stay in York.

By now it was mid September and winter temperatures were reluctant to let go, but spring was determined to show her beauty. By December, summer will have dramatically turned the green vista's to brown and the heat will constantly be hovering around 40 C. Early spring is definitely the time to visit!

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  1. Loved all your photos! What beautiful countryside. And I liked the old abandoned piano.

  2. Thanks Linda. I took a video of Kim playing the discordant notes but I haven't had any success uploading to the blog.