Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Walking without Margot

Please enjoy the photos by clicking on them and increasing their size.

Due to circumstances beyond her control, Margot gave us late notice that she would not able to join in today's walk. Jenny and I quickly decided to redo the Spit walk at Main Beach, Gold Coast, so that we could all enjoy the Daisy Hill / Venman's through walk on another occasion.

Ladybird was so disappointed that Margot wasn't with us, that she refused to come out of the backpack, even though it was a glorious winter's day for walking beside the sea.

As I have done this walk on many occasions, I managed to restrain myself and not take 'x' amount of pics.
These few give the essence of the 9 km walk from Main beach to the Spit and back, along the sand dune trail. A limited time was spent on the beach even though it was incredibly inviting.

    Spot the blue wren which just wouldn't keep still!

Plans to sit and have lunch on the beach were ditched when a chilly wind arrived. We found a sunny spot beside the river and were entertained by seagulls as we ate. Lovely views to the hinterland.





Happiness is ....... watching the full moon set.

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  1. What marvelous blue water! Loved your seagull shots!

  2. Thanks Linda - for the middle of winter it was a pretty special day.