Thursday, 11 July 2013

Mid WINTER walk - Mt Cootha

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On setting forth to our destination of Mt Cootha, we were disappointed as we watched the increase of cloud cover.
Ladybird continues however to bring us good fortune. By the time we commenced walking, refreshed from a good strong coffee and Jenny's delicious passionfruit jelly puff cakes, the sky had donned its best winter blue tones.

Coffee view.

Our trail initially followed the course of a slowly running creek, littered with smooth rounded rocks. On our return it was delightful to see families, young and old, making the most of this 'natural' playground. It was lovely to see one youngster dumping rocks to make a big splash!

Halfway along the trail was an off shoot called the Aboriginal Art trail. The art was not authentic in age, but an attempt was being made to give children an insight into where the aboriginal people had painted their stories thousand's of years ago.

The trail then continued to wind its way up Mt Cootha through 'good old aussie bush'. Eucalypts, bottle brushes, wattle and fan palms. As we walked we were yet again amazed that the city seemed a world away.

On reaching the summit we mingled with the throng of tourists enjoying the panoramic view east across the city to Moreton Bay and south to the Border Ranges. We have plans to hike the Border area in the future.

I had made a copy of our hike from my guide book - Take a Walk in SE Queensland -  before leaving home. It did not however, match many trail signs. There was much laughter as we debated where to go.  Two dedicated walkers stopped to help, but were unaware of our particular trail. They did suggest however, an alternative. It was a very pleasant trail, gently winding down the southern side of Mt Cootha. After about 20 mins it dramatically turned steeply upwards. More laughter followed by much puffing and rest stops as we realised we were on the Kokoda training trail. We survived and set off again to find our return route. The photos don't give a true picture of 'steep', although my North Americans friends will just laugh at the use of 'steep.'

"Pleasant trail"

"Dramatic trail"

Guess what they are saying to me! 

Such a lovely winter's day!

We decided that our trail must be below the lookout and that we needed to follow the road down for some 350 metres. When it still didn't appear we were resigned that we would have to return to the car via the road. Suddenly a man walking his dog appeared out of the bush. He wasn't on our track, but when questioned, he said he had spotted a trail veering downhill, just a few metres from where he was standing.

The trail wasn't well used and my buddies were reluctant to set forth. I was very confident but rather miffed when the trail suddenly went back uphill
to the road. More laughter. For some unexplainable it continued parallel to the road for quite a distance before finally taking us back to our starting point. I surprisingly discovered a peach blossom - yes it is mid winter!!!

More families were enjoying themselves and I snapped some four legged friends taking the winter sun.

 Bush turkey

We drove back the short distance to the botanical gardens and relaxed in the tranquility of the Japanese Garden as we ate lunch.

Another fabulous day down under walking with friends.

Happiness is...............
                                capturing reflections. [Slaughter Fall's weir - Mt Cootha]

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  1. Looks like you had a great day with your friends after all. Sometimes its the trails that take you to unexpected places that make the best stories.

  2. Thanks Linda. We weren't quite as adventuress as you, but still lots of fun and so much beauty out there to enjoy.

  3. I'm constantly amazed at how many opportunities there are to get off the beaten track without even leaving the city. It was a bit of a shock to get to the top of the trail and find half of humanity milling around the Summit lookout. I bet they didn't enjoy it as much as we did, having driven instead of plodded their way there.

  4. Hey!!!! We weren't plodding!