Friday, 17 May 2013

Wet Tuesday

                                                                                  Click on the photos to enlarge.

Because of heavy rain, Tuesday walking this week became 'cheap Tuesday' at the movies, to see "Songs for Marion." It made us laugh and cry, so if you enjoy a feel good flick, I highly recommend it. After a delicious light lunch and and a stroll through the boutique shops of Bulimba, Jenny dropped me back to my car.

On our drive back to her home the sky magically cleared and as I had my camera in the car, I made the decision to revisit Dennis Lake. I spent a wonderful hour enjoying the afternoon reflections in the pond and its busy bird life. I was rather pleased with a few of the shots I managed to snap, but was frustrated that their movements were too quick for me to take the shots I really wanted.

Happiness is.......
                        spotting a pelican gliding onto our golf pond and with camera and tripod always standing ready, having just enough time to catch its reflection before the last rays of the day faded into the west.


  1. Your reflection photos are wonderful! Great idea to revisit the Lake instead of just driving home.

  2. I shall be returning often, now that I know that it is so close.

  3. Wow, Helen. Love your 'Down Under' photos. Very unique elements not seen here in Canada. Keep up the good work. I have placed your excellent site on my list of favorites.

  4. You got some nice reflections. Your last photo of the pelican reflecting on the water is great.