Thursday, 9 May 2013

Beyond the Black Stump - 2

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Daisy Hill Forest Park

Just 20 mins away from my door step, [but not in peak hour traffic like this morning] is 440 hectares of tall eucalpyt forest, home to koalas, wallabies, goannas and a large variety of birds.
My walking buddy Jenny, took me into the park via a side street near her home. I was amazed, that for the 30 years I have lived in this area and driven on a street so close to this entrance, that I was totally unaware of this oasis of tranquility. 


As we approached, a turtle sunning himself on a log, quickly slid back into the water, but the bearded dragon was not at all put out by our arrival.

The next surprise, as we walked along the western edge of Dennis Lake was to spot a  large flock of birds resting on the bank of a long grassy lawn. We quickly discounted them as our very familiar egrets and it wasn't until I did some google research that I discovered them to be Magpie Geese, that are more easily spotted in the Northern Territory.

This Waterhen was having a wonderful time diving for food.

On leaving the lake, it was only a short walk until we entered the peaceful world of Daisy Hill Forest Park. We are so grateful that this tract of forest was not divided by a motorway back in the 90's. The hustle and bustle of city life is quickly left behind.
Jenny and I hiked for 3 hours and only completed one of the numerous trails.


Near completion of the trail we thankfully missed the exit, for our return walk passed Dennis Lake. This resulted in our discovering the swamp of the Paper Bark trees. 

It was a wonderful morning's walking, but disappointing not to have spotted even one wallaby or koala. Hopefully next time! Returning to suburbia was made easier by the leafy suburb we were in and I managed to snap 1 more of our local birds. 

The Noisy Minor Bird    

Happiness is ........
                           observing the might of a tiny ant.


  1. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful park so close to your home. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Thank you Linda. It is very beautiful at present with all the rain we have had so far this year. I don't get a lot of enjoyment when conditions are dry, dusty and everything brown. Then I really yearn for your part of the world.

  3. What a treat having the opportunity to see photos from hikes from the land down under. Helen, your blog is wonderful! I hope you get loads of enjoyment from sharing your trekking stories with us. I look forward to following your blog.

  4. Thank you Alexandra for your comment and encouragement to begin. The background just appeared, but it is just so me and compliments the rest of the template.
    Getting to know my camera better has made me more aware of the Aussie beauty around me and lessons the envy for where you hike.

  5. Loving all your photos Helen.