Saturday, 30 November 2019

Let's Beat the Heat!

Wednesday 27 November

Suddenly our plan to make an early start to beat the heat, became let's see sunrise. As we were only three again, we were quickly in agreement.

Official sunrise was 4.45 am but we needed to arrive a good half hour prior to fully enjoy the changing sky colours.

Our destination was Nudgee Beach, on the other side of town, therefore alarms had to be set for 3am.

4.30 am

Joc isn't waving, but swatting mosquitoes that attacked in their hordes. We were unprepared and almost retreated to the car, when some local rowers arrived and shared their aerogard. We were sooooo grateful.

Well worth the early rise!

Joc's lovely edited image.

5.15 am - Following the shoreline to the Nudgee Beach wetlands and boardwalks.

Entering the wetlands.

After completing this loop, we then hiked across to the Boondall Wetlands.

View from the Boondall Wetlands bird hide.

Jellyfish by Helen

Jellyfish by Joc.

The trail ...............................

Many different types of vegetation .

This little fellow just wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a clear image.

9.45 am - note the red faces. This viewing tower over the wetlands gave us respite, before completing the final few kilometres.

Low tide when we set off. Almost full tide on our return.

Striding out the last kilometre to the car.

9.45 am - Spot the jetty where we had watched the sunrise.

After 18 km, Joc and I felt we had truely earnt the reward of a refreshing iced coffee. Our friendship goes back 45 years when we were both posted to teach in the central, Queensland town of Biloela and were provided with a shared accommodation. Many, many fun filled kilometres walked together.

Nudgee's summer colour, taken for Sara of 'My Woodland Garden', Finland. Sweet smelling frangipani and the dramatic red, poinciana.

We were elated to have witnessed sunrise and then completed this trail still feeling energised. We had been immersed in so much beauty. 

We were hot but relieved that we had accompished so many k's in the relative cool. 

The day was still young and much was accomplished. Joc and Leanne even managed to attend their monthly 'Pub Choir' night.

I hope you have also enjoyed our early rise. I would love to read your comment.


  1. The same walkway as in parts of our local wetlands at the first Mt. St. Helens Visitors Center. Another fine walk-- and I'm glad those guys came along to keep the skeeters at bay.

    1. Bill, would this be the walkway so often beautifully photographed in your blog?
      It was a wonderful walk and we were sure glad the skeeters didn't get to spoil it.

  2. That sunrise was totally worth getting up early and enduring mosquitoes for! Nice photos! Loved the bird photos too, so different from the birds where I live. Cool that you and Joc have been friends for so many years. Old friends are the best friends!

    1. Thanks, Linda. Our birds are wonderful but we had expected to see them in greater numbers.

  3. What a beautiful sunrise! That's great to hike 18kms and finish early enough to include even more fun in the day!

    1. Very true. I was surprised though, that I didn't require a Nana nap.

  4. 3 am! You are dedicated. I'd have to nap later!

  5. Ha, ha! But you would have walked 18 miles!

  6. Wow - how gorgeous! I like the early morning.

  7. Hmmm that looks more like dessert than an iced coffee! I've seen blue jellyfish on the beach in CA. I love all the beautiful reflections. Glad you gals are early risers. The light is gorgeous.