Thursday, 5 September 2019

Why Visit the Mediterranean When ..........................

You have this mesmerising sea on your doorstep?

A return visit to the Caloundra shoreline has been on the agenda for quite some time. This week, even though we were only four, saw us taking the hour and a half journey to the north of Brisbane.

From the age of nine to seventeen, I lived on a dairy farm just twenty-five minutes away from Caloundra. Many a summer picnic was spent along this beautiful coastline, but I do not recall the sea ever looking as magical as it did today.

Arriving at 9am, we fully appreciated Jenny's baking and the view before setting off.

The lower cross marks our starting point for this amazing 15 km return hike. The red arrow points to where we ate our lunch on the return leg.

Setting off along Pumicestone Passage, a view very much changed from the 1960's.

The water was crystal clear.

Almost at Moffatt Beach, we relaxed under a shady tree and marvelled at the magnificent view along the coastline to Noosa Headeadland, 50 km away.

Moffatt Beach - Where the sand indents here there is a small lake. This sand regularly blocks Swamp Creek from entering the ocean. As youngsters, it was very safe for swimming even though my Father was constantly panicking.

Swamp Creek

View back to the ocean from under a traffic bridge. Swallows were spotted nesting on a pole beneath.

Reverse views as we commense our return journey.

Kings Beach

The entrance to the passage.

The Caloundra waters are the entrance to the Port of Brisbane, some 80 kilometres away.

Our stunning Glasshouse Mountains - Crooked Neck and Mt Beerwah

A very clever hobby completed.

Lunch view

Jenny is the culprit! Very welcome gelato on this hot day. [10C - 33C]

We all found the water a tad chilly still, but oh so refreshing!

Recently when on Prince Edward Island, I discovered a hand painted rock in a park. A few weeks ago another was found on our walk at the Gold Coast Botanical Gardens. This one was spotted in the fork of a tree as we took our shoes off to paddle. It appears to be a new pastime that has taken off like crazy in the past few months. Discovering one really lifts one spirits. 

What an amazing day this was to be out and about. We were so very fortunate that this was our chosen day to visit. Had it been the week prior, we would have been choked with smoke from the out of control bushfires, across the water, on Bribie Island.

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  1. What a nice spot! Love the pelicans! Laura and I can't walk as much as we used to-- Lucky we are to live in an area where we don't really have to. Thanks for a fun post.

    1. You certainly live in a beautiful part of the world Bill.

  2. The water is such a gorgeous shade of blue! Enjoyed virtually coming along with your friends for this hike.

  3. That is so beautiful! As someone who is landlocked in Kansas, I am always fascinated by water and the coast. (However, with Hurricane Dorian's impact on the Bahamas and on the U.S.'s eastern seaboard, I'm content to live where I'm not affected by hurricanes.)

    1. Yes Dorian was felt by too many and so dreadfully. Kim and Stuart on PEI lost power for 18 hours. The island had minor affects compared to the Bahamas and else where.

  4. Just fabulous! The sea looks so beautiful and calming, and I loved the spectacular mountains and the painted rock with its message. And I can't deny it: I loved your ice creams too. :)
    Happy September!

    1. Totally agree Sara and yes the icecreams were just what we needed on this very hot day.

  5. Blue sky and clear blue water plus a chance to wade! I wish I was with you. I found a painted rock while Bob and I were in CA last fall for his treatment. I kept it in our condo for the 2 months and then returned it. I liked seeing your pelicans.

    1. That water was surprisingly chilly but oh so refreshing.

  6. The weather looks fabulous for a day at the beach.

  7. As always a great walk, Helen, and you all looked imbued with the happiness of being alive and sharing each other's company. But shame on you ladies for using those disposable ice cream tubs and plastic utensils. If we don't all start to politely refuse to accept this trash that is going to find its way into the ocean we are never going to solve this problem.

  8. Definitely a temporary lapse David. It was so very hot and we had to keep walking to meet deadlines, so we didn't want our icecream cones dripping everywhere. Poor decision on this occasion but our group is very centred on looking after the environment.