Thursday, 18 April 2019

Venmans Bushland National Park

Tuesday 16 April

Where does all the time go! I'm dashing to get this post up as I am going to be without internet for a number of days. Time to relax in the country and listen to the birds.

This week the Gaiter Girls were fortunate enough to have a friend join us to help us improve our photography skills. We were to meet at 9am but it was decided that if we went early we could complete a 7 km circuit before her arrival.

This meant that I was eating breakfast outside and watching the sunrise at 6am. Another amazing start to the day.

The joy of the dawn continued with me throughout the day.

Below are the scenes from the circuit, that delayed our arrival for the 9am rendevous.
The last k and a half had to be jogged. This old body survived but only just. [A thrill in its self.]

We managed to be only 10 mins late and our friend was still organising her equipment, so thankfully, there was time for a coffee before we headed off, to slowly walk a 5 k circuit. Our cameras were at the ready to capture the birdlife, with a little more skill than usual, thanks to the help of our exceptional photographer and friend.

The Pro's capture - mine was a total blur. Yes, all 10 efforts.

I was quite excited by this capture of mine.

Our Pro however, shoots in raw and has all the editing apps to create her fabulous images.

To be able to capture the butterfly, I first had to actually find it in my zoomed out lens. That was quite an effort. Look what I discovered when I got home. Such a cute insect! 

Guess who's?

Finally ............

Yes, this isn't my image!

A very rewarding morning, out and about in our great outdoors. Sincere thanks to our photographic guide for the morning. I think we all came away with one new skill. For Rachel and her new camera, it was to remember to not let her cheek change the settings on her touch screen, when she was using the viewfinder. Much laughter ensued from this mistake. Our friend was also totally knowledgeable in recognising the birds and their calls. I was flat out spotting them.

I look forward to reading your comments.


  1. You girls should be poster girls for walkers "of a certain age." No, check that for walkers period! I am impressed, especially when you jogged the final section of your first leg. Great scenery, great birds and other critters, and great companionship I am sure. I salute you! Enjoy your time away without internet. It may be more of a blessing than you think.

  2. I'm not sure David knows what "walkers" are in many places. You guys don't need 'em! I on the other hand am glad to have a grocery cart when I go shopping-- even for a loaf of bread. ANyway, I enjoyed your birds, butterflies, trees, and the large lizard. AND the little roo. I want a kookaburra for our back yard. I would teach him to laugh at our neighbor.

  3. Fabulous photos, Helen! I loved especially the beautiful birds. I too would like to have a kookaburra. :D
    Happy Easter!

  4. How fun to get some photography lessons from a pro! Enjoy your time away. I hope you come back refreshed. (I would need to recover from the jog!) Happy Easter!

  5. Well that looks like a very worthwhile morning,

  6. Love your shots! You sure know how to make the most of life.