Thursday, 12 July 2018

Return to the Aussie Countryside

Our 3 weeks in Europe was filled with brilliant, almost too hot sunshine and idyllic riverside scenes as we sailed from Amsterdam to Budapest. Add to this, cathedrals, Roman ruins, cobbled streets, quaint old city centres, delicious food and wine, balmy evenings relaxing on our cruise boat deck listening to birdsong and the enjoyment of the everchanging colours of a setting sun from 9pm onwards, and you may well understand that adjusting to life down undertook a bit of time on our return.   [Here in Queensland, the sun is well gone by 8pm.]

The pelican visit in the previous post helped and ten days later, a drive out into the countryside had me back on an even keel.  The purpose of the visit was to participate in the Scenic Rim's Eat Local Festival to showcase the delicious array of food and wine that is produced in the hinterland surrounding Brisbane and the Gold Coast - farm tours, cooking classes, producer dinners, pop-up cafes and other free or low cost activities. Having been away, we were too late to book for many of the events but decided to take the drive anyway.

The contrast between Europe and Australia really hit home and yes, I love where I live.

An ancient land but so young in history.

There are very few schools older than 150 years.

As Dorothea Mackellar wrote in a 'Sunburnt Country' - a land of sweeping plains.

And far horizons.

Ragged mountain ranges

Droughts and flooding rain.
 Meals on wheels delivery. We had to wait for the load of hay to be driven across the road into the field and witnessed the cattle galloping down the hillside to eat their fill.

The source of the Albert River. 
The Albert's flooding in March 2017 caused unbelievable devastation.

Christmas Creek in a parallel valley.

Irrigation to the rescue for the pasture of this large milking herd.

Eat Local venue - farm tour and lunch.

Outside the cafe.

On our way home from Christmas Creek, we were waved down by this 8 or 9 year old country lad, selling pumpkins, bush lemons and lemon curd tartlets. Sadly we were only his 2nd customer for the day. [midday] His gorgeous 4 year old sister came running down from the house to assist. Just delightful to see.

A collection of mailboxes spotted.

The owner of the cafe painted these steps to add some colour to her bush view. Family members had not been encouraging. We think it was a terrific idea.

A drive into the countryside always lifts my spirits. I must remember to do it more often.

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  1. I always enjoy visiting new places, but, as Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, there's no place like home. Glad you're back, but I know you'll have lots of adventures to share. Looking forward to it! My sister is in Italy right now with a farm radio tour group, so I've been seeing glimpses of her trip on Facebook.

  2. Lovely drive! Neat mailbox collection and I too love the multi-colored steps. I'm sure it's nice to be back home.

  3. Lots of fun! We have minions all over our little town as well.

  4. Quite a contrast I'm sure. I like the steps too. And the cheery postboxes. And the enterprising entrepreneur.

  5. There is nothing like a drive in the country. Love the mail boxes.

  6. Must be a real contrast to the river valley's of Europe - will you be posting some pictures from that trip?