Monday, 21 May 2018

Hiking the Winter River Trail - PEI

On our second attempt, we managed to find the entrance to this trail,  a mixture of terrain.
Initially through a fir plantation.

Then along a muddy road.

Passed some overflowing drains and ponds.

And into natural forest.

The forest floor and trail was varied.

Winter winds had been harsh.

I loved the areas with a thick carpet of moss.

The ladybirds enjoyed the adventure as well, amongst the lichens, fungus and mushrooms.

The magic and renewal of nature.

Fun with the squirrels.

Finally beside the tidal Winter River.

Nature's havoc.

This brisk walk on a cold, dull day, managed to lift my spirits, finding joy in experiencing a wintery spring walk, in these so very different surroundings.

I would love to read your comment.


  1. Glad you were able to explore some trails during your visit.

  2. It was fabulous to experience their winter look, perhaps on the next visit I will experience their summer clothes. None are very long. This was 7 k's of delight.

  3. MUDDY! It was probably very good to get out, though.

  4. Replies
    1. It might look like autumn, but it is late spring. Such an experience for me.

  5. Wild and untamed landscape - a real feel for remote that part of Canada is

  6. I hope you had your old shoes for this hike! I, too, love the mossy photos and the first vestiges of spring. I also like the photo with the bench. I like photographing empty benches. Why, I don't know!

    1. Thankfully the side of the road was easy to navigate without the shoes getting muddy.
      The benches add a sense of tranquilty to a view and beckon one to come and sit down and relax and enjoy. Sadly we too often rush off.

  7. This is way different than your normal stomping grounds!

  8. I like seeing the greenery and emerging spring on this hike. So many downed trees! There must have been a lot of wind over the winter. Did you paint those little Lady Bugs? I had to look at them closely to see what you encountered on PEI!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the emerging spring. Such a special event for me. I have a collection of ladybirds that get to go hiking with me. These had been painted.

  9. That looks like quite tough going - the ladybirds did very well. Those berries looked amazing. Are they edible I wonder?