Friday, 23 March 2018

Keeping Busy

Where does the time go? March is almost gone and yet, it seems to have only just started in my mind. So here is a visual roundup of some of the hikes of both the Hungry Hikers and Gaiter Girls.

Wednesday 7 February
Scarborough to Woody Point - 20 km return.

Our 'cool towels' proved their worth, on this hot day. New on the market.

Tuesday 13 February.
Elanora to Main Beach return - 15 km.

Murky start. Sunny finish.

The swimming centre for the Commonwealth games, nearing completion.

Wednesday 14 February
Currumbin Rock Pools and Palm Beach Parklands - 3 km.
The aim of this day was to keep cool!

We may not have walked far, but we all managed to swim over and back, across this inlet off Currumbin Creek.

Tuesday 27 February
Elabana Falls, O'Reillys.

The falls in full spate, after days of heavy rain.

King Parrot

Lamington Spiny Crayfish
Interesting facts about this crayfish.

Wednesday 21st February
Main Beach to Surfers Paradise, to view the annual sand sculpture exhibition. The week's thunderstorms had wrecked havoc on the sculptures.

I don't think I've seen our world-renowned, downtown Surfers Paradise, look so dismal and empty of tourists.

Tuesday 13 March
Broadbeach to Main Beach, on a sunnier day.

"Feel the energy, excitement and impact of the games as this spectacular new commission takes up residence on the Esplanade. Inspired by a starting gun's blast, tropical fruit, flowers and the stars, this vibrant sculpture celebrates an unforgettable moment in time."

We weren't very impressed with this Commonwealth Star Sculpture [the large star on our flag], specially commissioned for the Commonwealth games the Gold Coast is hosting, 4 -15 April.

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  1. You have some lovely beaches! What great fun you and your friends have had on all these hikes.

    1. Thanks Linda. Our coastline is pretty amazing and endless. Treacherous though, for those who don't swim between the patrolled flags.

  2. Such a variety of landscapes and images, enjoyed my little tour around the sites of your homeland

    1. Thanks. It is difficult to find long walks, but there is certainly a variety of lovely short walks.

  3. Blimey - where to begin! What a fabulous collection of photos. I'm especially taken with the parrot and the crayfish and the seagulls in flight, oh and the waterfalls, not to mention the sand sculptures, and the beach scenes, and...

    1. Thank you very much. You pretty well covered everything, and of course, so different to your walks / hikes. I have really enjoyed your wintery posts.

  4. Well, you've done it again. Great pictures that grab the viewer and show the love you all have for each other. And what fun it is to see so many wonderful critters, fungi, and pieces of art. Oh... The Canada Geese--- Some hang around all year, others do migrate-- I say that based on the numbers flying over our house, complaining all the way!

    1. Thanks Bill. We certainly do have a wonderful friendship and constantly reaffirm how fortunate we are to be out and about together, enjoying nature's amazing beauty.

  5. How idyllic! You live in paradise.

    1. Yes we do, except for this wretched humidity [I'm sure it is 100% today], and the ticks, leeches, snakes and spider webs.

      Sorry, we love where we live!

  6. Your world is warm, colourful and sunny. My world is cold, white... and sunny, at least today. :)
    Especially the beach photos make me dream. The humidity is surely bothering but it looks great in the photos. :) And your flora and fauna look incredible. I can imagine you sitting on your back patio, listening to the morning song of all those amazing birds.
    Thank you for sharing. xx

  7. Thank you Sara. It is also a great pleasure to visit your very special area of the world.

  8. The photo with everyone on their cell phones made me laugh!

    I, too, love the beach photos because they are so different from my life. I appreciate getting a glimpse of the beauty you see in your part of the world. Thanks for sharing!

    And have a wonderful Easter!