Saturday, 7 October 2017

The Dolomites, Italy - day 2.

Monday 12 June

We woke to another beautiful morning, with the temperature rising to 26C. 

9.35 am saw us catching the bus to Baita Bai De Dones near Passo Falzarego.  It was a steep climb with our driver having to rapidly honk his horn when approaching many of the elbow bend corners.

The Baita Bai De Dones chairlift whisked us up to the Cinque Torri peaks - bottom R.

The vistas were just magnificent with the massive Cinque columns dominating the foreground.
The Cinque are just to the L of this photo and centre of the next.

It is impossible to comprehend their size until one starts walking beneath them. Sorry, I should have said 'hiking', as there was very little strolling here.

The Cinque beckoned, but a decision was made, that if we also wanted to hike to Rifugio Nuvolau, we should climb while we still had energy. Top RHS, under the small cloud.

Looking up to Rifugio Averau, where we then turned left to the Rifugio Nuvolau Trail.

Looking back to Cinque Torri.

Spot the hikers on this rough limestone trail to Rifugio Nuvolau from Rifugio Averau.

Rifugio Averau has been reached - view back to the Cinque Torri peaks.

The 360 views from here were again, jaw dropping!

And now for the short, steep climb onto the limestone ridge that would take us to Nuvolau. Sadly on open heights, my head says let's do it, but the legs just go to jelly. This short ascent was made painstakingly slow, but thankfully I made it onto the ridge and had no further problems!

Looking up.

Looking down to Averau.

 So many images to capture. Spot Frank patiently waiting for me to reach him.

The arrow indicates where Rifugio Averau is hidden.

Almost there.

Another panorama and great example of their twisting roads.

This arrow indicates where the trail continues on from Novolau. N O T for me.

Shots of Frank descending.

Where we had been.

A grassy knoll of yellow ranunculi.

Entering the rugged paths of the Torri.


I wonder when this column collapsed.

It was staggering to imagine these WW1 bunkers in use during the war.

Trail below the Torri.

Energy depleted, we returned via the chair lift to Baita Bai De Dones. With half an hour to wait we relaxed by this small tranquil lake. Monte Lagazuoi, above Passo Falzarego is top left and famous for its war tunnels.

Yes, it was most certainly another 'WOW' day.

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  1. Lucky you! What a place! Amazing... I am gobsmacked.

  2. Wow, wow, wow! Breathtaking scenery ! Another place for my bucket list.

  3. Wow - amazing and glorious scenery!

  4. More fuel for my plans to visit the Dolomites, great photos!

  5. More breathtaking views! What a fantastic place to visit.
    Loved the flowers and especially loved the flower troughs!!
    Have a wonderful week :)