Thursday, 13 July 2017

Lake Manchester, Ipswich.

Thursday 13 July

This is the trail some love to hate. At 17 kms and steep ascents and descents, it's not one for me to hike in summer, but on this perfect winter's day, it offered our group of five, a challenge that we took on with enthusiasm. The surrounding bush and wildlife, rewarded us tenfold.

Using the Wikiloc app, we were able to record our route and elevation over the 4 hours 35 mins of hiking.

Our hike was almost cancelled. We arrived at the carpark at 8.30, had a coffee and were ready to set off hiking at 9, when 6 Park Ranger cars drove up. They were intending to do a 'burn'. Thankfully our  time frame was such, that they allowed us to continue.

The hike commences from lovely parkland and picnic grounds, below the dam wall. 
It was lovely to have Anne Butler from Sydney, join us. 

The first couple of kilometres, meander around the edge of the lake, lulling one into a false sense of what the day is to offer.

[Above - where we will be climbing is far across the lake.]

Making the most of this glorious view.    

Both the 'Little People' and the 'Big People', had fun with this log hut on the shoreline.

A creek crossing and then the climbing began.

Very occasionally there were views back across the lake.

The ladies discovered this wreck in the bush and checked out its suitability to transport them back to the carpark.

But, it was back to the slogging and spotting natural beauty.

The Little People were also impressed with the brightly coloured fungus.

Looking relaxed after a coffee and late lunch in this extremely pleasant picnic area. It is well worth a visit, even if you don't want to hike.

So true Janice!

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  1. Nuts, I love the driving with Miss Daisy in the rusty old car. You had a great day walking around

  2. You and your hiking buddies have so much fun!

  3. It looks like it WAS a great day! Another fun post.

  4. That is a long hike, but the water views look like they were a great payoff. Did you bring the Little People along with you on your adventure or were they left by others?

    1. It was a great day, Kim. I've always carried my ladybird on hikes, but she doesn't always get to pose. Rachel and Janice have the lizard and little girl when travelling OS, with the result we now have to have a mandatory shot each week. We all sing in a choir on a Friday night. Long story short, it was here they were given the name 'Little People'. Mary is still searching for her 'Little Person'.

  5. That trail is so wide that it looks almost like a road!

  6. That is correct Mary. It wasn't all the way, but was for fire maintenance.

  7. That hairy looking fungus is very weird - like a nightmare Krispy Kreme Donut

  8. We agree. Never seen anything like it before. I love your description.

  9. Great post Helen and lovely to see the little people having some fun!
    Fantastic photos, especially of you all in the rusty old car!
    Happy Tuesday :)