Saturday, 13 February 2016

Goodbye Murren

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We  returned from our amazing day's hiking on day 4, at about 4pm. We believed we had experienced all the best Murren could offer. Not true!
Two hours later I was reluctantly preparing to pack my suitcase. Passing a window, the views in the photos below, immediately had me grabbing for the camera, coat, boots and beanie [5C] to dash outside to immerse myself in these breathtaking evening scenes.

An hour later, almost frozen to the bone, I forced myself inside. Some 15 minutes later, the valley was filled with the music of an alpenhorn. Albert had just returned from a day in Interlaken and wanted us to hear this beautiful sound before we left. Albert is an accomplished player and has performed in a number of cities around the world.

A small sample of this lovely sound.

As we turned to go inside sometime after 7pm, fog was filling the valley and drifting upwards as if in farewell.

The following morning, Kitty had organised one of the few taxi's in Murren to take us up to the station. We'd been fine handling our luggage for the descent to Chalet Boebs, but ascending with luggage, would have been a challenge.
We were enjoying a final coffee and cake with Kitty and Albert, when we suddenly realised the taxi was outside waiting. Chalet Boebs accommodation had been perfect, but our interaction with Kitty and Albert, most certainly added to the enjoyment of our stay. So many tales about the area to listen to.
At the station it was a final farewell to the Jungfrau, before the little train transported us to the cable car, to drop us rapidly through the autumn colours of the mountain, down to Lauterbrunnen.

We were able to spot where had made our descent several days previously.  It really had been steep and winding.

Our exit point to the Lauterbrunnen Valley.
Swiss rail is impressive with its punctuality and timetabling. Within 15 mins of exiting the cable car we were enroute to Interlake and onwards to Zurich.

Three hours later we had registered into our hotel and were off exploring this lovely old city. The blue skies had been left in Murren, reminding us just how fortunate we had been with the weather, throughout our complete holiday.

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and one of the wealthiest in Europe, because of its financial institutions. Our afternoon was spent exploring the old town along the Limmat River, the University and the shoreline of Lake Zurich.

Wood flooring covers a huge expanse in front of the Opera House.

The sheepskins and blankets on offer, don't appear to be encouraging customers to eat al fresco. Perhaps on a sunny day.

Our spirits, at our 5.30 breakfast, were lifted by the delightful personality of our waitress. Perfect English, smiling, joking and efficent. As a result of an exchange between her and Frank, I came back to the table from getting a croissant,  to discover a huge vase of flowers waiting for me. 

It was certainly a sensational holiday.  I am extremely grateful that I could experience so much of 'The Great Outdoors' not down under. I would love to read your comment.


  1. Sensational pictures, as well. Thanks for sharing this trip.

  2. Thank you for taking us along on this wonderful journey you experienced. You have created so many memories worth cherishing!

  3. What a fantastic holiday you had! I don't know the region but our own side of the Alps is very similar, and very dear to me.

  4. How lovely it has been to see, read and hear about your trip to Murren. I have thoroughly enjoyed your visit!

  5. Mountains feel like something timeless. I see their greatness through your photos.

  6. What a fantastic experience it was like two different worlds, with stunning photos in the mountains. X